Scottish Candle Company's Flame Burns Brightly In China



Shearer Candles, the UK’s largest lifestyle candle manufacturer has signed a distribution deal that will see its Scottish made products on sale in China and Hong Kong for the first time. The deal will see thousands of candles leave Shearer’s Govan factory for Beijing, where they will be sold on line and in independent retailers and shopping centres across the country, opening up a massive market for the family run business. Azoya International Ltd, a business to business and business to consumer distribution business with offices in China and Hong Kong, were wowed by the quality of Shearer’s collection after initially seeing products in a UK outlet. The contract, which will run for an initial 12 months, will allow Chinese shoppers to snap up unique Scottish scents such as Ae Fond Kiss, Red Red Rose and Cranachan.

HighlandGifts Red-Red-Rose

Jeremy Lane, Sales Director, Shearer Candles said: “This is a fantastic and exciting opportunity for us to break into a market that has so far proved difficult for our industry. Less than ten years ago, Chinese made candles flooded the market in Europe, but now there has been a major swing which allows us to target over a billion consumers. Our candles remain of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on the high standards we have set. In 2011, we were the first UK candle manufacturer to receive a British Retail Consortium ‘Global Standard’ award and since then we have received another. Everything we strive to do at Shearer Candles is about producing high quality candles that are stylish, modern and fashionable. Our Chinese distributor has recognised this and believes that our products, which include Scottish influenced designs and scents, will impress and appeal to Chinese shoppers.”

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Shearer Candles, which was founded in Glasgow in 1897, has developed from a small company producing church candles into a business that makes millions of lifestyle candles every year. Each of its two production lines at its factory in Glasgow has the capability to product six tonnes of candles every 24 hours, which are then shipped to major British supermarkets and department stores as well as to destinations across Europe, North America, Japan and New Zealand.# Kind Regards Shearer Candles

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