Reed Diffusers - perfect addition to scented candles.


The Reed Diffuser has been staple in our homes for years now. Their contemporary look and smokeless delivery of scents have made them a popular alternative to the scented candle. But how much do you really know about the Reed Diffuser and its benefits, in this week’s blog, I will tell you.

First off, let us be clear on what Reed Diffusers are and what their purpose is. Reed diffusers are used to radiate scents through a room, using formulated oil which is poured into a base dish of the diffuser. Porous rattan reeds are popped into the oil, where the reed will draw the scent up to its tip and through evaporation allow the scent to permeate out of its pores. Also, as a bit of a Shearer Candles tip… if you need a quick blast of scent simply flip the reeds over and allow the end that has been soaking in the oil to be exposed to the air. We have a large variety of Reed diffusers available at Shearer candles, and we suggest that one is picked on the basis of the room and its use. For example, using strong scents in a room where food is prepared is rather redundant as it will not have the same impact. If you are cooking try to match the flavours of the food with the scents from our range. This will enhance the flavours of the food and create a perfect atmosphere in your kitchen.

When choosing scents for each of the rooms in your house, we recommend that you try and match the personalities of each room with the characteristics of each of the scents, so in a busy room that is used frequently try the vanilla and coconut scents, as it will invigorate and bring life to the room. For a more relaxing room, like a lounge or bedroom, try the lavender and neroli. Lavender naturally relaxes the body and will help put you in a meditative state, Ideal for when you are nodding off.

As well as helping to disperse a scent through a room, reed diffusers are also easier on the mind.

We are all too aware of the dangers of leaving a candle burning unattended, something which we at Shearer Candles cannot condone strongly enough. However, we all love the smell and aroma of a beautiful scented candle greeting us when we walk into a room. So how can we have these wonderful aromas in all of the rooms in our home, without leaving a candle on its own? This is the scenario where the Reed Diffusers steps in - if you are like our household and have people, pets, visitors and cooking smells everywhere, and one aims to have all of the rooms in your home smelling wonderful all of the time. We cannot leave an unattended candle, and the un-pleasant site of an electric wall freshener is not something that we like to see in any house. For these reasons we feel the Reed Diffuser is a must have in every home.

We also love being able to leave a scent in a room for guests to be greeted with. By letting the scent fill the atmosphere by leaving the diffuser overnight, allowing the scent to evaporate into the room creating a welcoming and pleasant aroma.

For more information on the benefits and our range of Reed Diffusers have a look at our website.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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