The Importance of Recycling and Reusing your Candle Vessels

The Importance of Recycling and Reusing your Candle Vessels

We don't know about you, but we are burning a lot more candles than usual! Perhaps it's that we're staying in every night where we were once out seeing friends and family, or perhaps it's because candlelight is a sure-fire way to make your living room feel calm and serene in the evenings. Something which we can all appreciate in these uncertain times.

But it got us thinking about recycling, and what we can do as a company to promote recycling - or up-cycling - with a focus on our candle consumption. Check out our ideas below:

1 - You can recycle all glass and tin vessels and their lids at your local recycling collection points. Just make sure they are cleaned out of all wax and wick and remove the packaging. More on this below...

2 - Whilst you cannot recycle your candle wax, you can get the most out of the left over candle wax. Simply pour a little warm water into the vessel to soften the wax and lift it out with a blunt utensil (wooden spoon). Alternatively put the vessel in the freezer for 20mins and the wax should shrink enough to lift out. Why not pop that extra wax into a burner to get the most out of the fragrance?

3 - Did you know that most candle wax is biodegradable? So even though you cannot recycle it, it will breakdown after time.

4 - Why not up-cycle your empty candle vessels? You could use the empty jars and tins for pencils, makeup, jewellery, crafting, pennies, keys, drinking, desserts; the list is endless.

When there is just a small amount of wax left around the wick, carefully fill the jar with boiling water - please be careful of your fingers! Discard the waxy water, preferably not down the plughole as this can cause blockages. Remove the metal sustainer disc that held the wick in place. Polish, and there you have your jar!

5 - Why not up-cycle your candle lids? They make great coasters for drinks, diffusers or why not keep them for any candles without lids.

6 - Don’t throw out any unwanted candles. Gift them to friends or family or donate to the local charity shop. Someone will light them and love them!

7 - Within reason, candles don't go off! If you have any old scented candles lying around that don’t seem to smell, trust us, once lit, the fragrance is unlocked in the pool of wax – they'll smell fresh and new.

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