Pillar Candles

As the name suggests pillar candles are so called because of their shape and size. Large, often 5 to 8 inches tall by 2 to 3 inches across, pillar candles were one of the earliest design of candle; and like all design classics they are timeless.


They have a number of attributes that have led to their longevity. For a start they are slow burning making them extremely good value. For example we have a pillar candlewhich will burn for an average of 120 hours, yes that means if you lit it on Monday morning it would still be burning on Friday night! Even the smaller ones will burn for over 50 hours. Aside from the practical attraction there is the aesthetic attraction; they do look good. Strong and broad they can dominate a table setting, add colour to any room and are great accessories when you want to dress a room up for an evening or celebration. It no longer surprises us when customers tell us they have bought a pillar candle with no intention of ever lighting it, they simply use it as a timeless and affordable ornamental decoration. We introduced the Highland Pillar candle which combines patterned exterior packaging with the traditional candle shape for this very reason.


Another popular variety are Soy Wax candles. Made from sustainable sources soy wax candles are increasingly popular, they look nice too, the ivory colour has a very natural feel to it.

Modernity has brought one useful addition to pillar candles; fragrance. Meaning that they not only look good and last a long time but they smell wonderful too.
At Shearer Candles we spend a long time testing different scents for compatibility with our candle range. Hollyberry and Clove, Mango and Starfruit, Amber Noir and Orange and Cinnamonare just some of the wonderfully perfumed pillar candles we now make.
Because of their shape pillar candles can be free standing but candle holders not only improve safety they also offer the opportunity to change a room or add a colour. Hurricane Lamps, Glass Plates and Storm Lanterns are examples of really nice candle holders that are ideal for pillar candles.
It surprises many people to learn that many of our pillar candles are still made by hand. Because of their size pillar candles are ‘built up’ in stages. The candle making craft is an ancient and specialist art and even modern industrial advances, at times, haven’t been able to fully replace a fine eye and a very steady hand. Pillar candles remain as popular today as ever because the combination of great value and looking good is still very hard to beat.
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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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