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For many people their first association with Persia is cats or carpets, but for us Persia is all about gardens and scents. The ancient Persians were master garden builders, using revolutionary designs and technology they constructed ancient gardens some of which are still being visited today. For example the Taj Mahal in India, arguably the greatest show of love ever designed is built in a Persian garden, seen as the perfect setting for the world’s most beautiful building.

Taj Mahal

The Persians knowledge of divining and maintaining a water supply meant their gardens were among the most innovative in the world. These gardens were created to provide an area of calm in a bustling town or city and a place of greenery and colour in an often arid landscape where the senses could be stimulated or relaxed by the scents and sights around for those wanting to escape a bustling bazaar. It’s from this we took the inspiration for our Persian Lime range of scented candles. They’ve got a wonderful fresh smell that’s enhanced by an invigorating zesty, citrusy aroma. Ideal when you want to chase away the everyday smells of your home and be taken to somewhere warm, alluring and intriguing. They provide an exotic oasis in an otherwise mundane everyday.

Persian Lime Scented Candles

If you quite fancy being spirited away to ancient Persia then we’ve got some really good news, this month only we’re offering 25% off a great range of Persian Lime scented candles and reed diffusers. It includes tea-lights, glass and jar candles and also a wonderful pillar candle. A wonderful saving and a lot easier than haggling at the local bazaar! Terms and Conditions Apply: Offer Valid until 30.9.2014, Cannot be used with any other offer, Consumers Only, Can only claimed with code OTM29C

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