Our Top Five Fragrances For Relaxation

Did you know that Saturday August 15th marks National Relaxation Day? This is a day that reminds us to hit pause and take some time out; a reminder we could probably all do with listening to right now.

It can be hard at the best of times to catch a moment in time to completely stop and relax; but with the knock on effects of Coronavirus introducing new stresses and anxieties into our lives, there’s never been a more important time to recognise our need to treat ourselves to a little down time.

Whether you’re into meditation, bubble baths, long walks or simply cosying up and watching a film; fragrance can add a surprisingly powerful dimension to your relaxation rituals. We asked our team their top five fragrances to aid relaxation, and here’s what they voted…

Bergamot & Rose is a new addition to our fragrance back-catalogue and it has had a big impact on people already! This is one of three fragrances that launched our new Naturals collection containing essential oils.

Bergamot & Rose is a really heady floral blend of morning rose, geranium and verbena with an earthy top note of bergamot. Additional notes of balsam give a subtly medicinal quality. It’s the sort of fragrance that makes you want to take slow deep breaths in and hold onto everything you get, which is probably why lots of people say it’s very relaxing!

The fragrance blend is reminiscent of rejuvenating walks in British gardens blooming in the sunshine. It has a real nostalgic quality, perfect for enhancing your mood.

Discover Bergamot & Rose as a double wick soy wax candle, scented diffuser and scent oil.

Our next top fragrance for relaxation is our Bathroom scent. Bathroom is part of our Home collection; within Home, we’ve developed fragrance blends that encapsulate the true essence of the key rooms within the home. Bathroom is fresh, oceanic and energising with sea kelp, sea grass and eucalyptus. It’s a fragrance that feels clean and uplifting, the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bubble bath, where you emerge feeling cleansed and reset from the clutter, rush and mess of a long day.

Bathroom is available as multiwick candle, jar candle, diffuser and tin candle.

Amber Blush launched in April 2020 and is the sister fragrance to our best seller Amber Noir. Blush is another heady fragrance packed with the intriguing scents of amber, heliotrope and pink peppercorns. It’s a fragrance that’s reminiscent of powder brushes and perfume bottles on dressing tables; it’s delicate and feminine and will make you feel the same. Amber Blush is the perfect accompaniment to a pamper night in; face pack on, nails painted, glass of vino and this luxurious fragrance filling your interiors.

Amber Blush is available in a variety of forms, including jar, tin, pillar, tea lights... Explore the full range here.

Citrus fragrances are known for their uplifting qualities. The scent of lemon in particular is said to relieve stress and depression and make you feel sunnier and spritely.

Our Lemon Zest fragrance is no exception to this! This subtle blend is really delicate and doesn’t have that synthetic overtone that a lot of citrus fragrances do. It’s fresh and juicy, and the addition of lemongrass and sparkling verbena mellow the citrus notes.

Lemon Zest is available in a variety of forms, including jar, tin, pillar, tea lights... Explore the full range here.

And finally, Lavender & Geranium. We are actually in the process of phasing this specific fragrance blend out as it’s seen as a little old fashioned these days. But we simply had to include a Lavender-focussed fragrance on this list as lavender is dubbed the ultimate relaxation fragrance.

These days, lavender isn’t often used as a “leading lady” in the world of fragrance blends; it tends to conjure images of pot pourri in little lace sacks in knicker drawers; a little outdated and frilly. But it’s ability to aid relaxation and, some say, help us sleep cannot be denied. We’ve read the science part online… lavender fragrance interacts with our neurotransmitter to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing anger, agitation, aggression and depression. So there you go!

Our fragrance blend is an aromatic herbal mix of lavender and geranium, with elements of cedarwood, vetivert and basil. And you can get your hands on it for half the price on our website. Shop here.

Of course, whatever fragranced candles you have will set the scene for a relaxing bit of downtime. Candlelight is known for its calming properties. You can read all about how candlelight can have a relaxing effect on you here: https://www.shearer-candles.com/blog/does-candlelight-help-you-to-relax/

Whatever works for you, whatever your relaxation ritual is, we hope you get time to enjoy it this weekend candle lovers!


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