New Year, New Candles!


Couture Collection pillar candles


It’s dark and cold and we‘re still grappling with the horror of not eating chocolate for breakfast and getting out of bed before 10 am. Do we really need to add to the misery with a punishing gym regime and diet consisting only of green foods? While we have lots of positive resolutions for 2017 (Beyoncé body, anyone?) surely the 6am spin classes and juice cleanse can wait a little – at least until January is over. So join us as we ease ourselves into the New Year gently with a candle related resolution that will tick off ‘try something new,’ on our goals list and freshen up our homes in the process too. Are you in a scent rut? Are you a creature of habit who is wary of trying something new? While it’s tempting to remain in a candle comfort zone, it means potentially missing out on your perfect scent. The one. If you like to keep your candles seasonal then you may be in an unintentional scent rut and have spent the last few months in a Holly berry and Clove haze. Now is the ideal time to change things up as, let’s face it, Christmas is over *sobs.* So start thinking about the type of atmosphere that you want to create and let’s all inject our homes with a dreamy new scent and a different vibe.

Natural Spa Herb

Feeling a little fruity If you like your candles with a sensual, woody or sophisticated scent then you might not have tried the fruiter, more fun scents, such as Persian Lime, Vanilla and Coconut, or Tropical Watermelon. Don’t be fooled in thinking that these are for Pimms drinking weather only, they’re fabulous all year round. Perfect for picking you up when you feel sluggish, or getting you in the mood for sunnier days ahead, they will also brighten your home with zesty smells and sassy jewel like colours. There’s no winter blues when you’re burning these babies.

Tropical Watermelon Candles

Embrace the elegance If you usually like your candles juicy and colourful then try choosing something a little more grown up and elegant. The vibe that we’re going for here is dark and mysterious, perhaps even a little sensual. Floral and woody tones are ideal for this and so you should try Amber Noir, Oud or Cerise. We recommend wearing red lipstick and sashaying around in silk pyjamas while burning these.

Oud candles and diffuser

Get the Glamour If your home is looking a little bare and sad now that the tree is down and the fairy lights are no longer twinkling, then try one of the decadent and stylish candles from our Signature Couture or Textured Elements ranges. Featuring beautiful metallics in silver, gold or rose gold, these instantly lift a room with their concentrated scent and super glamourous packaging. If you tend to play it safe with your candle choices then these are sure to inspire you. Dare to try something new in 2017, beginning with a candle. Happy New Year candle lovers! xxx

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