Shake It Up This Mother’s Day With Shearer Candles


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Are you stuck in a Mother’s Day gift rut? If you’ve already booked lunch at her favourite restaurant, perused online for her usual bunch of flowers or loosely planned her annual breakfast in bed, then you’re certainly very thoughtful but it’s time to shake things up a little. This year we’re all about embracing new experiences and so in this spirit, join us in trying something different when celebrating your wonderful mother, or any of the other fabulous leading ladies in your life, this Sunday 26th March. Below we have some ideas, based on your usual gifts or traditions, to help you feel inspired. Give it a try, we bet your mum will appreciate your creativity.


Persian Lime

If You Usually Buy Flowers Receiving a big bunch of gorgeous flowers is always a super indulgent treat, especially when they’re completely unexpected. If you buy flowers every year, then your mum will probably have looked out her favourite vase in anticipation for another bunch of blooms. Sorry mama, put the vase away, not this year honey. Anyone that loves flowers usually likes their home to look and smell divine. This makes them the perfect recipient of a thoughtfully chosen Shearer Candle. Knowing the types of flowers or home vibes that she usually goes for will help you select your mums perfect scent. Does she like a traditional rose? Try Amber and Rose or Lavender and Geranium. Perhaps she’s more of a fruity kind of lady? In that case Persian Lime, Tropical Watermelon or our brand-spanking- sassy new scent Rhubarb and Raspberry is the one for her. Not only will your mum receive a wonderful surprise, you can save a little money too (which mum would surely appreciate as if she’s anything like ours, then she frequently worries that you spend too much money...) because we’re offering 10% of all full price items online using the code ‘MOTHERS.

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If You Usually Take Her Out for a Mother’s Day Lunch Taking your mum out for a meal at her favourite restaurant is a fantastic way to spoil her on Mother’s Day. However, if you all know the menu back to front, where you’re going to sit and what you’re going to order then perhaps it’s gotten a little too familiar. Instead, set up a little restaurant space at home, decorate the table beautifully, invite your siblings and prepare a menu featuring her favourite dishes. Taking the time to set up the faux restaurant space and do the cooking will make her feel even more special and spoiled and she certainly won’t be expecting it.

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If You Usually Prepare Breakfast in Bed Breakfast in bed is a lovely Mother’s Day tradition that we wouldn’t want to take away, although we can suggest ways to spice it up. How about embracing a different theme every year, such as her favourite holiday destinations? This year you could start with France, so think croissants and luxurious hot chocolate, decorating the tray with Breton stripes and wearing a cute beret as you serve. Next year you could get a little more exotic with a Mexican breakfast fiesta featuring Huevos Rancheros and a sombrero, perhaps hold the early morning margarita depending on whether she’s a party girl type of mum.

Mothers Day 2016

Whatever You Do Your mum will love whatever you do for her this Mother’s Day. Taking a little time out to appreciate her and show her how much you love her, no matter how creative you chose to be, is all that matters, and even better, you can do that any day of the year! Happy Mother’s Day candle lovers xxx

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