Make Your Home Feel Cosy With These Autumn Season Coloured Candles

It's time to make your home feel cosy with Autumn Candles. The leaves are falling and the days are that little bit crisper, which means autumn is finally here. Autumn is the ultimate season for cosy vibes and nights in relaxing at home. And what better way to welcome in the new season than with some autumn-scented and coloured candles? With some amazing fragrances to enjoy this season, your home will soon be full of all the wonderful scents of autumn. Get ready to make your home feel cosy with these autumn season coloured candles.
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What do autumn candles smell like?

Autumn candles come in a variety of fragrances that perfectly capture the scents of the season. From woody-smelling candles to cinnamon candles and warming vanilla, you can find a lot of different autumn fragrances that will create the perfect scent scape for your home. Autumn candles should create a warm, cosy atmosphere, using rich smells that really make you feel at home. The best autumn candles smells are distinctive and recognisable to really let you know that autumn has arrived.

What are autumn smells?

Autumn smells are some of the most popular when it comes to home fragrance, so you can be sure of finding something that suits your own personal tastes. Some of the best scented autumn candles include: You can use a combination of these scents to give your home a truly autumnal feel. From the second you walk through your door, your home will smell delicious and inviting, ready for those cosy autumn vibes. Adding complementary autumn diffuser blends can also create a lasting fragrance throughout your home.

What's the best smelling autumn candle?

What’s the best smelling autumn candle? Now there’s a question! With so many great scents, it can be hard to pinpoint a favourite.
Cedarwood & Log Fire: Credit to @explorebyryan
Calming cedarwood and sandalwood candles are popular seasonal choices if you love those spa-like vibes. Curl up under a cosy blanket and reminisce about crisp woodland walks with leaves crunching under foot. Timeless vanilla and clove also make the perfect scented candles for your home, ready to help you settle in on those wonderful autumn evenings. Also checkout our home fragrance, Wood Smoke & Leather. This masculine, woody scent presented in brown candles is perfect for this time of year.
Cosy up by candlelight this Autumn

Where can I buy coloured candles from?

Autumn candles aren’t just about the smells, it’s about the colours too. Coloured candles make simple and effective autumn decorations, bringing a more seasonal look to your decor. Some of the best coloured autumn candles include orange candles, brown candles, red candles, and purple candles, adding some rich autumn tones to your home. At Shearer Candles, we’ve got an amazing selection of coloured candles for you to choose from. Our autumn candle collection features all the shades you need to create beautiful autumn looks in every room of your home.

Where can I find black candles?

If you’re looking for dark or black candles, then you’ll love our selection of elegant, beautifully scented black candles. From our sophisticated Amber Noir black candle to the spicy burgundy almost-black coloured Frankincense and Myrrh scented candle, we’ve got a fabulous range of black candles for you to enjoy. Here’s a little decor tip: Combine black and orange candles to make a Halloween candle scene! Explore our Amber Noir range and Orange Pomander range to get the look!
Glam doesn't have to go out of the window at Halloween!

What fruit is in season in autumn?

Autumn is the harvest season, which means there are plenty of fruit varieties at their best at this time of year. And the good news is that all of these fruits make wonderful autumn candle fragrances too. Bring classic autumn fruit into your home with Fig, Orange and Red Apple candles. These sweet and delicious scents can instantly make you feel autumnal, and make the perfect scents for your kitchen, living room and even your cloakroom.

What colour is the autumn season?

When you think of the autumn season, what colours spring to mind? Autumn shades are generally very rich, with browns, reds, purples and orange making an appearance at this time of year. From the autumn foliage to the colours in your home, you’ll see these shades all around you. Make sure to complement autumnal shades with something bold like black or gold candles, the perfect way to bring beautiful styles into your space.

How do you decorate homes using candleholders?

As the autumn nights start to darken, using candles will be sure to bring some light and warmth into your home. Candleholders can help add to that cosy feeling, so why not treat yourself to some more seasonal candleholders to your autumn home look? Our gold candleholders make the perfect addition to your decor, or you can use our black candleholders featuring a striking tree design, to help you create the perfect look for your space.

What colour candles look best?

The type of coloured candles that look best in your home depend on your own unique style and taste, as well as your existing decor. Using neutral colours like black and white are perfect for blending with most decor styles, or you can always opt for something brighter to contrast a neutral space. Autumn colours tend to be quite muted, so you won’t have to worry about them clashing with the other colours in your home. You can always use a candleholder to conceal the colour of your candle if you love the scent but the shade doesn’t quite match your space. Candles come in all kinds of styles and colours, so try to mix and match and have fun with what’s out there! There’s a lot to look forward to about the autumn season, so why not get your home ready by filling your home with irresistible autumn season coloured candles?

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