Life After the Flame


Textured Elements 3


We all know the dreaded day when your favourite candle has burned to its very end.The scent may not be around any longer, but that stunning vessel has got to be given another life right?! Fear not, you can keep your beloved candle jar and give it a new lease of life! Our favourite vessels right now are from our new Limited Edition Textured Elements Collection - far too stylish to be putting in the bin! Here are our favourite ideas for how to re-use your candle jar in some fabulous ways.

Cleaning Your Jar

Firstly, you're going to need to get rid of that left over wax. There are a couple of methods for doing this, and both are super easy! Method one - If there's just a little wax left at the bottom of the vessel, you can stick the candle in the freezer for a couple of hours. Wax shrinks when cold, and will pull away from the side of the jar. After a few hours, the wax should be loosened from the jar and come out easily. To encourage it, you can simply break the wax up with a knife and remove. There may be some wax residue left over, if so we suggest washing with soap and water to clean it out. Method two - getting hot! Cover your workspace to avoid too much mess, and gently break up left over wax with a knife. Pour boiling water into the jar - not right up to the top, but enough to cover the wax. After a while the wax should start floating up to the top of the jar. Let the water cool, at which point the wax will have created a layer at the top, which is easily removed by a knife.

A New Chapter!

Voila! A clean jar, ready to take the next chapter in its life. There are endless uses for a stylish vessel like Glowing Embers or Smoked Diamonds that will definitely create a focal point in any room. Plus, with free delivery over £40, now is the perfect time to stock up on your favourite candles. Go wild, fill them with anything and everything you like! Here are some of our favourite ways. Stationery in Silver Textured Elements vessel Nail Polish in Silver Textured Elements Makeup brushes in Silver Textured Metallics Cotton buds in Silver Textured Elements vessel

Looking for more inspiration for upcycling your jars? Check out our Pinterest for more funky ideas!

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