January Blues


Like it or not, January is here in earnest. Statistically the most depressing and gloomy month of the year, we are more likely to break our hastily made resolutions than crack a smile. We have the dreaded wait for the post to arrive, laden with the heavier-than-normal credit card statements, kids returning to school and the knowledge that for our smug friends living in the Southern hemisphere January is their warmest month of the year. You start to get my drift. January, in the UK, is hard going. Statistics will tell us that during January we will join a gym and undertake a regime of healthy living, the same stats also tell us that by the 15th Jan, we will have thrown in the towel and headed back to the biscuit tin. We are also told that we will clean our houses more this month, review our spending habits and take up a new hobby or activity. So, how do you get yourself through these turbulent few weeks, whilst holding it together for the rest of the family? Put down the celebrity fitness dvd, push aside the Aloe Vera detox juice and read on. Shearer Candles have the answer! We have compiled a list of the top three scents to whisk you away from the gloom and doom of January. The kind of scents that will transform your home into the sanctuary you need to get you through the next 3 weeks.

Our first scent is Vanilla and Coconut. Coconut oil is known for its protective and wellbeing properties, as well as being a scent that conjures up thoughts of warm sun baked beaches, the cool shade of a palm tree and that gorgeously tanned waiter bringing you a cooling cocktail. Add that scent to comforting Vanilla Essence and you create an atmosphere that will relax and calm you, whilst you forget about the worries of January and dream of your next, sun drenched holiday. Secondly, we would opt for a warming, comfortable scent. A scent that puts you at ease after a long day and allows you to create a soothing atmosphere. We would recommend Figs and Spices to give you the warmth and feeling of being tucked away from the harsh outside. Our Sandlewood spice is perfect for this; with Patchouli and Ceda this warm and exotic scent can transport you from a wet and dismal climate to warm, foreign and enticing havens. Finally we have our third scent - It seems redundant to ignore the great things that January has to offer. The clean crispness of winter, the fresh scents of snow and winter flowers. That is why for our third scent we suggest HollyBerry and Clove. This is the scent of January, using fragrances synonymous with winter and comes in a warming red colour. The scents of Cinnamon and Cloves add to the experience of this candle and allow you to relax surrounded by the best the winter season has to offer. So, our remedies for a difficult month? Commit 1 hour a week just to you. Light your candles, grab your book, and lose yourself in the magic of your favourite essence. Have you tried these fragrances? What do you think? Feel free to let us know your perfect cure for the January Blues.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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