Introducing Our New Wax Melts


Wax Melts


We are delighted to announce the addition of Wax Melts to their flagship Couture Collection!

We have created a Wax Melt version of all 15 scents within the Couture Collection, each inspired by Spring and Winter scents, along with a white ceramic wax burner. The Wax Melts are a wickless circular block of scented wax, which when melted will release their aromas, typically lasting around 20 hours per melt.

These are packaged in a simple plastic case, the melts are easy to store and transport, and with the wide variety, make an ideal gift.

These new products are a cheap addition to our Couture candles and diffusers, as they're priced at around £2.00 per melt. Our white ceramic wax burner is £8.

Wax Melts & Burner

Stephanie Barnet, our Head of Product Development says:

Wax Melts are a really popular alternative to scented candles and diffusers at the moment. The cheaper price of Wax Melts allows our customers to sample a wider variety of scents within our Couture range, finding the fragrances they love before committing to a candle.

Our aim is always to deliver superior quality and exception choice. We hope the introduction of Wax Melts give our customers the option to explore more fragrances within our Couture Collection.

Wax Melts will be available to purchase from Shearer Candles’ stores and website, along with selected retailers across the country, from today.

Click here to explore our Wax Melt Collection.

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