International Fragrance Day 2017


Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes


Yesterday we celebrated International Fragrance Day, which is basically like Christmas for us. It's one of the most exciting days of the year where we actually have an excuse to go on about all the wonderful scents and fragrances we love! At Shearer HQ, we celebrated with tasty cakes and goody bags!

Shearer team
The Shearer team at our factory in Govan

Why do we love scent so much? One of the wonderful things about scent is its power to trigger memories like no other sense can. Whether it's fruity or fresh, spicy or sweet, there is always one fragrance that can take you back to a fond memory that stays with you forever. Scent can be a very powerful link to memories, just one whiff of sweet rock can transport you back in time to your younger days and playful summer holidays on the beach. Or maybe its the rich scent of cinnamon and cranberries that take you back to cosy Christmas nights in. Pairing scents with new memories also helps us reminisce of the good times, so its always a good idea to have your favourite fragrance around at special times.


Whatever it is, scent can trigger strong flashbacks to fond memories in an instance. The brain truly is an amazing thing! How is this so you ask? How exactly does our brain link the smell of freshly cut grass to running around the garden careless as a child? Well, the science behind it comes from our 'olfactory bulb'. This part of our brain is responsible for processing smells, and it sits next to the 'hippocampus', which is responsible for creating memories. It has been suggested that as these two parts of the brain have direct contact with one another, they are almost related and can work together to take us a trip down memory lane. The parts of our brain that are responsible for other senses including visual, audio and touch, are not in contact with the hippocampus and therefore do not trigger emotions and memories as scent can!

So, now you know the next time you are thrown back to your childhood from that recognisable smell, it's all thanks to your trusty olfactory bulb and hippocampus working together as a team!

What scents bring back memories for you? We'd love to hear your stories! Use #ShearerCandles and @ShearerCandles on social media to share your scent memories with us.

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