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Part 2 of our Hygge blog series comes to you from Carla White, founder of Carla Jones Design. Carla, a Glasgow School of Art graduate, is an all round interior stylist, visual designer and creative genius who can turn the dullest of spaces into a warm and welcoming retreat! Recently featuring alongside Gok Wan on the TV show 'Fill your House for Free', Carla is a pro when it comes to anything visual. Carla has worked her magic across some of the biggest and best companies throughout the UK, so we were lucky enough to grab some of her precious time to ask her for some top tips for introducing hygge into our homes this Christmas! Hygge is the buzzword of the moment. Everyone is talking about it from ‘how do we pronounce it?’ to ‘what is it?’ to people doing it in their homes already. I first heard about hygge on a favourite TV show of mine at the start of the year and thought – wait a moment, that’s how I’ve been living for years! It’s this year’s interior must do, especially for winter time. So, this Danish way of living in your home is really simple...create special moments for you, your home and your guests. Still thinking ‘well how do I do that?’, well I’ll show you my top 3 tips for creating hygge in your home! It’s all about bringing comfort, calm, cosy, warm feelings to your home and guests but it’s in the detail and allows you to be creative too. As I mentioned, I’ve been applying (without knowing) hygge to my home for a long time, and more so this year as we will be having a lot of family and friends visiting over the festive period. The wonderful team at Shearer Candles asked me to share my interior touches so you can wow your loved ones and guests this Christmas time. So here are my 3 top ways to bring the art of hygge to your home, and ofcourse they all involve candles!

cerise candle on tartan blanket

1. Create an inspired table centrepiece using candles

What you need – some fabulous candles (an assortment & theme looks fab!) a tray (Shearer do gorgeous metallic ones) and some leftover Christmas baubles & decorations. This isn’t just for your Christmas table – this can be for your living room, or any space that needs new life brought to it! A quick and easy way is to use a footstool or similar, drape a throw over it, design your tray and voila you have your centrepiece! Add some books too if you have any, helping to create that warm hygge glow– the cosier the better! Do one for your bedroom as well and add some glam with Christmas baubles to accessorise your tray design. I like to use different candles for my tray centrepieces – tealights, glass votives, candle holders and accessories– think about what can work in your space for your style and go with it and arrange for a great winter warming look!

candle with festive accessories

2. Tailor scents for your home

You’ve been working hard on getting the tree up, decorations all done, making lists for the big day, getting organised & inviting friends to party – but don’t forget the importance of bringing the scent of Christmas to your home too. Not only does it impress family and friends when they come into your home, but it’s a lovely moment when you come home from a crazy day at work and that beautiful aroma welcomes you home. Why not tailor your home fragrance for this time of year and instead of opting for sweet or fresh scents, go for a traditional Cinnamon Spice, Frankincense & Myrrh, or Shearer's new Cranberry & Ginger - It's like the scent of Christmas giving you a big hug as soon as you walk in your door! Go all out on giving your home a great scent, don’t just buy one candle and think that will do - jump into hygge full on, not half hearted! Get lots of your favourite candles, and diffusers too! The latter are great for hallways and bathrooms, whilst your living areas and bedrooms will be best suited to the burn of candles. Your home will love you for doing so! Don’t just keep home fragrance for a special day, every day in December is perfect hygge time for scenting your home beautifully!

3. Give the gift of candles, encourage more Hygge living!

People always ask me about buying good gifts for people who love home design and I always reply with ‘buy them a really good candle’. Candles are not just an afterthought these days, they are part of room schemes and the larger design concept, so my advice for Christmas – give candles for presents and mindings. Do your guests love how you create that special glow in your home? Encourage them to embrace hygge too! They don’t need to break the bank – Tealights and Diffusers are perfect for those just trying out scents for the first time in their homes. Shearers gorgeous Glass Candle Jars and Scented Pillar Candles are also great gifts for a candle lover so you can’t go wrong! With so many styles, colours and scents available, there really is something for everyone. Finally, if you are looking for a minding this year for visitors who come to see you at Christmas, why not give them a smaller version of a candle you are burning at home so they take a nice memory away with them to their own home. Shearer’s Small Tins are only £4 and are perfect for introducing your guests to the amazing world of Shearer Candles scents! It’s all about the detail!

oriental fig candles on coffee table

Check out Carla's creative wonders and get more winter home inspiration over at www.carlajonesdesign.co.uk

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