How to spring clean joyfully


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Spring has sprung! So the clocks tell us, if not the weather. But we can put the drizzly spring days to good use while we wait for the full on sunshine to appear (which definitely will happen OK – we need hope.) Spring has always been a fantastic time for regeneration and growth, an opportunity to make a new start - so what better way to start again than to have a big spring clean and create a fresh space full of calm. In case you haven’t heard, tidying guru, Marie Kondo’s book, a guide in how to live joyfully, is sweeping the globe. We must admit that we love a good tidy and have poured over every page. It turns out that we should only have things in our homes that ‘spark joy,’ and by living this way we will be happier and our homes will be tidier. After following her instructions and holding each and every item in our hand, casting off anything that doesn’t spark joy, we have got rid of, what feels like, 50% of our stuff and it feels really good. Here’s how it works. That dress we feel absolutely amazing in every time we wear it – that can stay. The shoes we bought in a sale because they were a bargain and have worn once in three years but we’ve held on to ‘just in case’ – they can go. Her advice is not to declutter by room, but by category. This helps to keep the process under control and stop you feeling overwhelmed. Some examples to get you started: Books – these take up huge amounts of space, and while they look lovely in the library of a stately home, 1000 books aren’t going to fit in a two bedroom flat in Glasgow. Plus all those unread books you’ve been given, or bought to read later, can make you feel pressured that you haven’t got round to reading them yet. Yet another thing on The To Do List. These books will still be in print when you do finally find the time to sit down and read War and Peace, so in the meantime keep only the really precious ones and either sell or give to charity the ones you’re not working on right now. Someone else will get joy from them. And join the library. The books are free and don’t take up any long term space. Clothes – we all have things in the wardrobe that we call ‘investment pieces’ but are in fact space hoarders. If you only keep the things that make you feel great then every time you get dressed you will feel fabulous. Bear this in mind as your sorting through bags, shoes, scarves and jackets. If you don’t feel joyful when you hold it, it’s time to say goodbye. ‘Gifts’ – Christmas is now a distant memory, but all those knickknacks you were given by well-meaning friends and relatives are still cluttering up shelves, drawers and cupboards. It’s time to say a thank you to the universe that they thought of you, and then to say good bye. You really don’t need 5 body moisturisers you’ll never use. Working through categories in this way, your home will soon become a clutter free haven. Without knickknacks and needless items, our homes have taken on a very on trend scandi vibe. Lots of space, muted tones and luxury fabrics – only things that spark joy remember, and we’re injecting colour and atmosphere through candles. We’re using bright colours and fruity scents, such as Watermelon and Persian Lime to bring our living room to life and calming scents, such as Amber and Rose in the bedroom to help is relax. When the sun does finally arrive, the tidying will all be done so we can grab a bottle of fizz and head straight out to properly enjoy it. Happy Tidying Candle Lovers!

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