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Why we Love Autumn You can keep your barbecues and bikinis because what makes us truly happy, what makes our hearts sing, is that magical time from the end of September until mid-November. We believe that the burning of candles is a pursuit to be enjoyed 365 days of the year, yet there’s no denying that they come into their own when the nights become dark and the cosiness scale hits 100. So just in case you’re foolishly lusting after an Indian summer or are in any doubt about why autumn is the Beyoncé of all the seasons, we’ve helpfully listed the reasons for you below. Jumpers Whether it’s a cashmere sweater that feel like the best hug you’ve ever had or a retro fair isle that makes you look like a bad ass Scandi TV detective, there’s nothing easier or more comfortable than throwing on your favourite jumper. Have you ever felt relaxed and protected from the world in a strappy top? Nah, we didn’t think so. Hot Chocolate There’s no rules that say hot chocolate can’t be enjoyed during the summer months but it’s at its best when you’ve got a cold nose and frosty fingers having spent a few hours outside enjoying a blue skies autumn day. Add a roaring fire into the mix and you’ve got the perfect set up, but if you don’t add an obscene amount of marshmallows and a gallon of cream then we don’t even want to know you. Staying In Come late September, FOMO aka Fear of Missing Out, is replaced by FONBAHIP aka Fear of Not Being at Home in Pyjamas. All we want to do is stay in snuggled in soft socks and a faux fur blanket with a large glass of wine, Netflix and an Amber Noir Pillar Candle and some Cinnamon Spice tea lights burning. Don’t invite us to anything, we really don’t want to come. Anticipation Mariah Carey warbling about what she wants for Christmas isn’t playing on a loop in every shop you go in and the centre of town hasn’t yet become a hive of frenzied present buying but there’s an exciting twinkle in the air. You’re thinking about sausages wrapped in bacon, The Gremlins and Amaretto. It feels good. You can let your standards slip Now that you’re going to be swathed in heavy fabrics and thick coats you don’t need to worry about fake tanning, waxing and shifting those extra pounds. Instead you can invest your energy in more productive exploits like drinking Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and eating Saturday night take out. Halloween Dressing up, watching horror movies and eating sweets. Need we say anymore? Happy Autumn Candle Lovers xxxx

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