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Lemon Zest Hand Sanitiser

Keep your hands safe and clean with our Safer Hands Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser.

Following the WHO recommended formula, our Hand Sanitiser is bottled at 80% alcohol strength. We’ve added a touch of our glorious Lemon Zest fragrance, which leaves your hands smelling fragrant, not fumey!

This liquid sanitiser dries really quickly so you're not left with any sticky residue on your hands.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a must! Here is some of the positive feedback we’ve received:

“I suffer from dry hands, and other sanitisers make it worse. Because this dries so quickly, I feel my skin is less irritated.”

“I love the Lemon Zest fragrance. It’s nice for a sanitiser to smell like something other than alcohol”

“Just ordered my third bottle, this stuff is the best I’ve tried.”


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We started bottling and manufacturing Hand Sanitiser at the start of the pandemic when there was a shortage of antibacterial products in the market. This essential product continues to be a really popular seller for both our trade and consumer customers, so we are looking into expanding the range.

As well as the handy 50ml and 100ml bottles already available, we will shortly be selling a bulk 5L container, so you can refill your bottles without additional plastic usage. Keep an eye on our website or your social feed for more information!

We are also starting to produce surface sprays which will reduce the likelihood of spreading germs and infections. Watch this space as our surface sprays will be available to order soon!

Please be aware we are not able to ship our hand sanitiser products overseas due to alcohol content.

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