Treat Your Dad to a ‘Mandle’ This Father’s Day - Guest Blog by Flic Anderson

Gold candles on table with black decorative clock

We fondly remember the first time that we got home from work to find our candles already lit and the living room bathed in a dreamy glow, courtesy of the man that we live with. It was a cold and dark winters night and he said that he had wanted to, ‘cosy the place up a bit.’ Our work here was done.

Before a night time soak this newbie candle enthusiast has taken to lighting a few tea lights and dotting them around the bath in empty jam jars, it’s not escaped our attention that he’s also using our hideously expensive facemask as part of this lovely new self-care routine but we’ll deal with that later.

triple wick candle with flames

What we’re seeing here, candle lovers, is the rise of the ‘mandle,’ that’s right, candles for men. It makes perfect sense really, why should the fabulous scents and relaxing vibes that come from burning scented candles be reserved exclusively for the gals?

So, if you’re wondering what to buy the wonderful dads in your life this Father’s Day, we suggest forgetting the gadgets that he’s probably already bought for himself anyway and saying no to the boring old chocolates that you give him every year, and turning your attention instead to a scented candle.

candle and handwash at sink with towel

Now, we appreciate that not all dads will want fruity smells for doing relaxing dad things like watching sports, napping, reading the papers and complaining about the number of adverts on TV, so we recommend broodier, more masculine scents, think man friendly wood and spicy notes.

Glowing Embers features a strong flush of amber and patchouli, and comes in a distinctive dark gold packaging, perfect for party dads who like injecting a bit of bling into their interiors. Spice is an exotic scent from India, incorporating a blend of cedar and patchouli, which is perfect for popping in the bathroom and burning during papa pampering time.

candles with whisky bottle

If your dad is partial to a wee dram or two, then Uisge Beatha is the one for him. Ideal for quiet nights, when the fire is crackling, the slippers are on and the whisky is poured, this sweet whisky scent comes encased in smoked glass in a gorgeous tartan gift box.

Happy Father’s Day candle lovers! xxx

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