Easter Essentials


Easter is one of the largest religious celebration in Christianity. I think we all know the story but in short, Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The date of Easter changes each year, and this year Easter Sunday falls on the 8th of April 2012 Churches are filled with flowers and candles, and there are special hymns and songs. But not all Easter customs are Christian; some, such as the Easter Bunny, are pagan in origin. And as all our lovely, traditional holidays turn commercial, our special Easter celebration has not escaped. But there is still hope; not all that is out there in the market place is screaming tacky bunnies, chicks and more chocolate than you can eat in a month before it goes off! There are some beautiful, tasteful gifts and accessories to make Easter styling and gifting a pleasant and calm experience whatever your faith or belief. Colour is important when thinking Easter – with Spring well underway and Summer clearly insight we want to freshen our interiors, our wardrobes and our minds with lovely greens, blues, yellows and whites – colours that make you smile. Now we couldn’t have an Easter celebration without chocolate eggs and bunnies. Our kiddies would not be happy! But let us not over indulge – get more involved in the adventure of Easter - treat our families to other gifts, flowers, egg decorating, Easter bonnets, Easter egg rolling, Easter egg hunting and yes I’m going to say it; Candles - strictly for adults of course. Shearer Candles have a lovely selection of Easter candlesonline; yellows, blues and greens in all different sizes, fragrances and burn times. A favourite gift is the beautiful scented candle gift boxes – try in Amber and Rose, Persian Lime and EgyptianCotton. We have long burn dining candles if you are entertaining and lovely colourful tealight candle holders to brighten up any room. 

Flowers are another beautiful addition to Easter – think daffodils, tulips and bluebells. Ideal as gifts; they fill your home with colour and fragrance and help with the old spring cleaning. Bringing the outdoors inside lifts your mood for sure. We say change your Easter ways – a little chocolate, some family fun, lovely bright flowers and a candle will help you through the holiday. Happy Easter Friends and Fans.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles


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