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Around this time of year our thoughts begin to turn towards Christmas and whilst many of us will still have a lot of present buying to do now is also a good time to consider what your dining table is going to look like, not only on the big day itself but also for any other get-togethers you might have planned. For most of us the option for changing our dining tables is limited so we rely on an imaginative use of colour through place mats, napkins and, of course, candles. Dining candles are great because they are available in a really wide range of colours and the tall slim design of a traditional dining candle is a universal fit for most candle holders. When combined with matching napkins and serving dishes, or indeed contrasting ones, or to add just a splash of colour to a neutral palette dining candles bring that touch of formality and sense of occasion that all great dinner parties need.


Think about the mood you are trying to create, for example Christmas looks great with golden candles and you can rarely go wrong with red dining candles at the Christmas dinner table either. Away from the day itself you might be planning something less formal and want to go for a brighter more informal colour like jade or deep pink, alternatively the traditional favourites of ivory and white will never go out of fashion and can be matched with any room.


The elegance of a dining candle really sets off a table, designed to take up as little room as possible but to throw as much light as they can. We have 4, 8 and 10 inch dining candles and a choice of nearly 20 different shades and colours ensuring a match for whatever you’ve got planned theme wise. Another great thing about our dining candles is they come in bundles or boxes of anything from 4 to 20 candles ensuring excellent value for money. Many of our dining candles are still handmade too, as the art of making the perfect dining candle still requires the craftsman’s eye.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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