Darling Autumn



Our Darling Autumn, It’s been months since we felt your cool crisp breath upon our faces. We miss your burning woody scent and the rosy tint you bring to our cheeks (assisted with a little blush). We miss the promise of cosy evenings in with goblets of red wine and crisps, the living room lit with the flattering glow of our favourite Amber Noir and Orange and Cinnamon candles.

Amber Noir Orange and Cinnamon

Sitting indoors watching TV while it’s still light outside makes us feel guilty. We need orange darkness. Our furs, leathers, pleathers, and woollens are ready to be seen once again. Our limbs tire of being slathered in brown goo and brandished to the world. We want to be buried in cashmere and bold prints, encased in layers and outerwear. Our bodies need structure, denim and boots, not floaty skirts and ballet pumps. We need to feel the support of a strong wool coat with a faux fur collar. We’re bored of the shops. How many crop tops can we really own? Our hair misses the hats. Follicles can’t always be on top form and ready to shine. Felt fedoras, chic berets, laid back beanies- they are gathering dust as we wait for the leaves to turn brown. Our throats ache for a soothing mug of hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows. Our belly’s are crying out for a hearty stew, with a side of chunky bread. Fizzy drinks and iceberg lettuce offer no comfort. So, it’s with a heavy heart that we wait for you. We’ll endure the wasps in our car, the sweaty sleeps, the dry eyes and the sneezing. Just come soon. All our love, Shearer Candles x

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