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Bring The Outdoors In

Our wintery dreams of laid-back post work barbecues, transforming our garden into a twinkly Ibizan sanctuary and lying out in the sun with a gripping page turner and chilled glass of Sancerre, may have been dashed by the Great British Weather, but we’re not letting it all slip away just yet candle lovers.

We’re grasping at the final throws of summer time by bringing the outside inside, you know, where it’s dry and warm.

Light and vitality are all essential for summery feels and so below we’ve got some tips on how you too can celebrate summer from the comfort of your own sofa, and no, we don’t mean by welcoming in all the neighbourhood cats and throwing the odd crisp packet on the floor.

natural spa candles, diffusers and plants

Plants, Flowers and More Plants

We recently visited a friend and couldn’t figure out why her house felt so darned exotic and alive. It was plants. Everywhere. Heaps of them.

Inspired by her glorious tropics style interiors, we stopped off at a garden store on the way home and filled the boot with a variety of low maintenance house plants. Think aloe, peace lily and yucca, which are now happily popped on shelves, hanging out by windows so that they can sway gently in the breeze, and chilling by the front door to show everyone that we are proud plant parents.

Our pad has a sparky new energy about it, so thanks plants, we hope we can keep you alive.

rhubarb raspberry candles and flowers

Fairy Lights

Only our favourite thing ever. We adore the trend for outdoor solar fairly lights and can see no reason for not bringing their electricity/battery operated cousins indoors. We still have our fairy lights up from December, strung across the curtain rail in our living room. You know the Ibizan hideaway vibes we mentioned before? Done!

Extra summery points for stringing them across your house plants.

cinnamon spice candles and plant

Jewel Coloured Candles

Not feeling very Ibizan this year? How about a magical Moroccan riad instead? Open the windows wide, let in some air and then light some gorgeous pink Tropical Watermelon, blue Egyptian Cotton and green Persian Lime Candles.

Throw in some colourful scatter cushions and Moroccan style table ware for entertaining, pad about in your bare feet and pop a cold drink in your hand, and you might just forget that you’re in your living room.

Here’s to the last days of summer candle lovers x

Author: Flic - one of Shearer's biggest fans. She also loves cats, lying down and watching crime dramas! Check out her lifestyle blog at www.flicanderson.com

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