Best Candles for Men The Ultimate Guide

Candles can be an uncomplicated and inexpensive way to add some luxury to your home. Coloured candles have been used for centuries as a form of decoration, a mood setter and a decorative piece that'll make any room appear more elegant.

Candles are also excellent gifts for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarming parties. Here's our ultimate guide to men’s candles. At Shearer Candles, we believe everyone should have a beautifully fragranced home.

You can't step into any department store or even an online retail website to find candles for men. We want to help you create a warm environment with scents that fit your man's lifestyle. In this article, we'll help you understand which is the best candle for men - the ultimate guide, and even give you a list of the top 15 top candles for men.

Do men like candles?

candles for men glasgow

Candles are a wonderful gift for men. Men love burning candles, and the smell of the candle will take them back to their childhood or remind them of a memory.

Candles can make a room feel peaceful and calm. They let people get away from work and life stresses for a while.

One of the top notes in men's fragrance is the smell of leather. This is because it gives off a manly scent to both you and the people around you. Leather also smells like money, power, and sex appeal.

What is a good candle for men?

Do you know what men like? Beer, sports and cheerful company. But what about candles? It's not a question you'd expect, but the truth is, men love candles!

A guy should always keep a list of fragrances he likes handy when going to the shops or shopping online for his new candle.

Tip number: It's not just about what he loves, but also about what type of smell appeals to him. Here are some fine examples and reasons a certain fragrance matches a man's personality:

  1. If your man is a foodie, consider a bakery or fresh scent candle
  2. If he loves sports, a new car scent will bring him to his blissful place
  3. If he's more of an outdoor guy, choose a leather or mountain forest candle.
  4. For the nostalgic man who loves to remember the good old days, a mahogany candle is a perfect gift.

Men’s candle scents

There are many factors that make a fragrance masculine, but there are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Fresh Cut Grass - This scent will bring back memories of playing sports, cutting the grass, or helping around the neighbourhood. It is a bright and crisp scent with tones of green apple mingled in with fresh cut blades of grass.
  2. Cedarwood Candles - This is a masculine scent that might remind you of relaxing strolls, living on the edge of the wilderness, or simply spending time outdoors. It has notes of cedar wood, which gives it an attractive musky woodsy scent, but there are also warm tones of a log fire in it.
  3. Woodsmoke & Leather Candles - If your man is more on the rugged side, then this scent would be perfect for him! It has scents of golden amber, precious spices, and antique leather. We've heard people talk about this scented tobacco candle a lot. People say it's the "sexy candle."
  4. Eucalyptus & Pine Candles - This is definitely a favourite manly scent in our house! It has a pure yet refreshing scent that'll make you feel like you are walking in the Australian outback (if you close your eyes and imagine!). It has notes of citrus crisp eucalyptus, pine, with a touch of spruce, balsam, and fir, which gives it a crisp clean smell.
  5. Uisge Beatha Candles - For the men and ladies who like their men to smell of a sweet yet forbidden scent. Try the Whiskey-scented candle for that full masculine smell. Pronounced “ish-ga-ba-ha” this is the scent of Scotland’s water of life.
  6. Amber Noir Candles - A luxurious black candle. Tuberoses, violet and amber are some scents that you can get in this candle. They're perfect for any occasion. Men can use them to set the mood during their little one's birthday party or spice up the living room. For that special man in your life, these scents will go perfectly for any date.
  7. Bay Leaf Candles - Candles, have you ever wished you had a candle that'd make everyone around you want to come and hang out? Well, bay leaf candles are the best choice! They smell like an old fashioned barbershop, but the scent isn't overwhelming.
  8. Frankincense & Myrrh Candles - They have a very natural scent that's perfect for setting the mood. You can use them to set up your own personal oasis, which will work wonders if you are trying to get over a relationship with your ex. These scents are also crucial for meditation, because they are so calming and refreshing.
  9. Oud Candles - Is one of the most luxurious types of scents that you can find. The smell lasts longer if you pair it with natural scents. You should always wax your candle before burning it for the first time, because this will make sure the scent lasts even longer. Oud candles are good for stress relief if you have a busy day at work.
  10. Lavender Candles - Lavender is a great choice for scents because it is so calming and relaxing. Natural lavender scents don't have too many chemicals in them, and they provide aromatherapy benefits. They also include calming properties and can help you feel better after a long day at work or school. One of the best things about lavender scents is that they are adaptable because they're perfect for any occasion!
  11. Sandalwood Candles - Sandalwood is often used in home décor because it has a light and warm scent. It's also one of the most beautiful scents that you'll find in candles, because it can provide a tremendous addition to any room in your house. It's perfect if you want to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere for yourself and your guests.
  12. Black Pepper Candles - This has a masculine scent that reminds you of the outdoors. They're perfect for those days when you need a little extra courage or just want to feel as tough as steel. The delicious scent is also celebrated for those days when you feel like your mood needs a little pick-me-up, because it is so refreshing and energising!
  13. Lemon Candles - Lemon is a fantastic way to add a little taste of summer to any occasion. Just like most other scents, lemon candles emit a great scent that'll fill the room and fill it with freshness and energy. The one thing that you want to remember is that lemon candles tend to have more of a tart and fruity aroma than anything else. This means they're perfect for creating an atmosphere that's more upbeat and energising.
  14. Orange Candles - Are a serious option if you're looking for something more citrus-y. They have a sweet scent that's perfect for setting the mood, even if it's just for romantic dinners. Use tangerine scents to set the positive mood in your home. They're also great for aromatherapy, because they energise you without making you feel tired. If you're looking for a candle with a light scent, orange might just be what you're searching for!
  15. Cinnamon Candles - Scent are a superb way to set the mood. They're good for anything from a date to the smell of baking a pie in your home. Cinnamon candles work because they emit warmth, luscious aromas, and an attractive flickering effect.

3 reasons why you should buy him a luxury candle

pine candle

  1. You'll make him feel special because you found out what he loves, and bought him the perfect scent for it.
  2. There's no better way to say, "I love you," than with an exclusive gift for his home. Especially one that could last up to 100 hours.
  3. Finally, there's no better compliment than when you ask him what he loves about it (his candle, not you). If the answer is all things good, like 'It smells sublime', you did a great job in making him happy.

Candles for the men at home

wood smoke candle

Candles are an awesome way to make the home feel cosier. Candles can be as simple as lighting a few candles, or as complicated as having an entire room decorated by candles. Try creating a cosy atmosphere with candles, warm blankets, and soft tunes. 

After a long day, your man will slowly begin to unwind by lighting candles and playing cosy music. There's the topic of man cave candles. 

They have masculine scents, which are perfect for the spaces of thoughts and feelings. They work well in home offices, bathrooms, living rooms, or the bedroom. Candles are the perfect accessory. 

They provide admirable mood lighting that isn't too bright or glaring. Plus, candles create a soothing aroma that'll make him forget about all his problems and focus on the one in front of him! Candles can make a house feel like a home.

They help take care of all our bad feelings and give off the feeling of warmth and comfort when you light them up.

Candles to reduce stress

candles for men glasgow

Candles and home fragrances are a wonderful way to reduce stress for men. This is because the candles combine scents and create a relaxing environment. The best thing about candles is that you can customise them to suit any occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries. 

Some people use candles when they need company and want someone to speak with them or just want companionship. The candles are also perfect for people who enjoy reading. When lighting a candle, it can create a pleasing, warm and inviting atmosphere, which will help relax the person. 

Candles are perfect for turning your nighttime experience into something more special than simply shutting off the lights and laying down in bed alone.

Why you shouldn’t buy cheap candles?

One thing that's troubling is that more and more people are turning towards cheap candles instead of quality ones. There are many dangers associated with cheaper candles, which include:

  • Soot and Residues
  • Environmental impact (including deforestation)
  • Air Pollution
  • Long-lasting lights
  • May not be cruelty-free. The benefits of lighting a better quality candle are:
  • Greater flame intensity
  • More natural and brighter light
  • The ability to reuse the candle holder if it is properly taken care of. Get a quality candle instead of a cheap one. You'll be better off in the long run, and most importantly, your health will thank you for it.

Shearer Candles in Glasgow has a wide variety of candles for men. We're experts in scented candles and home fragrances.

Whether you're looking to find the perfect scent for your romantic evening, or want something, a candle that smells like cosy memories, we have exactly what you need! From dinner candles with a solid colour throughout to a taper candle for your occasion, we have a wide range to suit you.

Shop online today or stop by our factory shop in Glasgow.


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