Unearth Candle Colour Meanings' For Power & Boost Wellbeing

Are you intrigued by the vibrant colours of candles and wondered about their meanings? You're not alone! Unearthing the mystery of 'candle colour meanings' can unlock a whole new level of understanding, and personal wellbeing. 

From the calm of blue to the vibrancy of red, each hue holds a unique story waiting to be told. Understanding these meanings doesn't just illuminate our minds—it can powerfully impact our moods, rituals, and even our mental health. 

So, how about we delve into the mesmerising world of candle colours and unravel their captivating narratives together? Sound exciting? Let's dive right in!

Understanding the Language of Colours

candle colours

Ever watched a candle's flame flicker and dance and felt a sense of calm wash over you? That's the magic of candles. But did you know each colour of a candle has a specific meaning? Let's explore the world of coloured candles, each with a story to tell.

The All-Encompassing White Candle

white candles


The colour white represents purity, truth, and peace. It's like a fresh canvas waiting for a burst of creativity or a snow-covered landscape invoking tranquillity. When you light a white candle, you invite serenity into your space.

Takeaway: Planning a relaxing evening with a book? A white candle complements perfectly. Its light stands as a beacon of peace, filling the room with a sense of calm, helping you unwind after a long day.

Radiating Warmth: The Red Candle

red candles

The red candle, akin to a burning ember or a passionate sunset, represents love and courage. Its flame dances like an element of fire in its purest form. A red candle lights up the room with an aura of warmth and fervour, perfect for a romantic dinner or when you need a little dose of bravery.

Takeaway: Let's say you're planning a cosy date night at home or even trying to muster up courage before a big meeting—lighting a red candle sets the right mood. It's a small act, but it can shift your mindset significantly.

Blossoming Love: The Pink Candle

pink candles

What about the pink candle, you might wonder? Well, if red is the flame of passionate love, pink is the gentle glow of affection and self-love. It's like a cherry blossom tree in full bloom, soft and inviting. Lighting a pink candle can bring about feelings of love, friendship, and femininity.

Takeaway: You've had a challenging week, and you need some self-care. Why not run a bath, add your favourite bath bomb, and light a pink candle? As the flame dances, let the gentle light soothe you. It's a small gesture towards loving and nurturing oneself.

Uplifting Vibes: The Yellow Candle

yelllow candles

Picture a field of sunflowers, a brilliant sunrise, or even a zingy lemon. That's what the yellow candle embodies—joy, success, and energy. Light a yellow candle when you need a dash of positivity and a pinch of creative inspiration.

Takeaway: Having a brainstorming session or working on an art project? Let the yellow candle burn bright, enhancing your creative juices and bringing a wave of optimism.

Calming Influence: The Green Candle

The green candle stands as a testament to growth and prosperity, like a flourishing forest or a lush garden. It's no wonder that the green candle is often associated with good luck and money. But remember, it's not just about material gain. It's about personal growth and healing too.

Takeaway: Seeking emotional healing or starting a new project? Light a green candle, let it infuse your space with its calming energy, aiding your journey towards progress.

The Light Blue Candle: A Breath of Clarity

Among the spectrum of colours, the light blue candle stands as a beacon of clarity and communication. Its delicate hue evokes the serene expanse of a cloudless sky or the gentle ripples of a tranquil lake. When you light a light blue candle, you invite a sense of calmness and mental clarity into your space.

Light blue candles are ideal companions during moments of introspection, meditation, or when seeking mental focus and inspiration. They provide a supportive energy that encourages clear thinking, enabling you to gain insights. 

Takeaway: Harness the calming power of the light blue candle to foster clarity and enhance communication. Light it during moments of introspection, meditation, or when you need mental focus. Allow its serene energy to inspire clear thinking, facilitate self-expression, and promote harmonious interactions with others. 

Embrace the light blue candle's tranquil glow as a guiding light towards personal and intellectual fulfilment. This colour candle will help you make important decisions, or engage in thoughtful conversations.

Balancing Harmony: The Navy Blue Candle

The navy blue candle, which is more intense than its lighter cousin, represents balance and wisdom. It's a bridge between the earthly world and the spiritual realm, much like the dusky sky just before nightfall. It serves as a reminder of the thin veil separating us from the unseen.

Takeaway: Creating a sacred space for meditation? The navy blue candle is your ally, fostering a deep sense of harmony within you.

Alluring Mystery: The Black Candle

black candles


Now, black candles might be associated with mystery, and‌ a dash of the unknown. However, it symbolises protection and absorbs negativity. Think of it as your spiritual shield, a guardian in the spiritual realm.

Takeaway: Seeking to banish negative energy or looking for psychic protection? Light a black candle. It's like a steadfast sentinel warding off any negativity.

In the Grey Area: The Cloudy Candle

A cloudy candle doesn't signify a lack of colour. Rather, it's often associated with a sense of mystery or ambiguity. 

Grey candles, like a misty morning or a nebulous cloud, represent neutrality and balance. They're often used for contemplation, or to encourage a fresh start and let go of outdated beliefs.

Takeaway: Incorporate a grey candle light it after a spring clean or when you seek a fresh perspective. Allow its transformative energy to inspire self-discovery and personal growth, as you navigate the complexities of life's grey areas.

Igniting Passion: The Orange Candle

Lastly, the orange candle, the colour of a warm hearth or a ripe pumpkin, stands for attraction and stimulation. It’s associated with action and energy, bringing about a spark of enthusiasm and a zest for life.

Takeaway: Hosting a party or starting an exciting project? Let the orange candle be your guide. As the candle burns, allow its warm energy to fuel your spirit.

The Elemental Connection

Each candle connects us to nature's elements—earth, air, fire, and water. The act of burning a candle, watching as the wax melts and the flame dances, is like tapping into the raw element of fire. Every candle's colour links to an element, creating a holistic balance.

For instance, the earthy brown candle symbolises stability and grounding, perfect for when life seems a bit too chaotic. The light blue candle, on the other hand, represents the elements of air, aiding communication and thought clarity. 

So, the next time you light a candle, remember—it’s a small ritual connecting you to the cosmic dance of nature.

A Glimpse into Candle Rituals

Candle rituals are ancient practises used for casting spells, making wishes, meditating, or simply creating an atmosphere. These rituals harness the elemental power of fire to focus intentions and manifest desires. The candle’s colour plays a significant role in these rituals, with each colour signifying a specific energy or outcome.

Let’s explore some specific rituals and their associated candle colours:

  • Love Spell: If you're casting a love spell, a pink or red candle would be ideal. Pink represents true love and compassion, while red signifies passionate love and desire. By burning these candles, you're invoking the energy of love to draw it into your life.
  • Psychic Protection: When seeking protection from negative psychic energy, consider using a deep purple or black candle. These colours are associated with the third eye chakra and psychic powers, offering a shield against unwanted psychic influence.
  • Manifestation of Wealth: To attract material gain or success, burn a gold or green candle. Gold symbolises abundance and prosperity, while green is linked to material wealth and growth. The flame's flicker becomes a beacon for prosperity and abundance.
  • Spiritual Healing: For healing and tranquillity, light a blue candle. The colour blue represents calm, peace, and healing, providing comfort and soothing energy during meditation.

Rituals for Specific Days of the Week

coloured candles


Certain days of the week are traditionally associated with different colours, each carrying a distinct energy. You can harness this energy by burning candles of the associated colour:

  • Monday: Light a white candle to invoke the lunar energy of the Moon, perfect for psychic awareness, dreams, and intuition.
  • Tuesday: Burn a red candle for strength, courage, and vitality—attributes associated with the planet Mars.
  • Wednesday: A light blue candle resonates with the energy of Mercury, promoting communication, wisdom, and self-expression.
  • Thursday: Opt for a purple candle to align with Jupiter's expansive energy, good for wealth, prosperity, and personal growth.
  • Friday: The perfect day for a green or pink candle, as Friday is associated with Venus—love, harmony, and fertility.
  • Saturday: Light a black or brown candle for grounding, protection, and banishing negativity, resonating with the energy of Saturn.
  • Sunday: Choose a gold or yellow candle to tap into the Sun's energy—success, vitality, and joy.

Setting the Intention

In candle rituals, the act of burning is as symbolic as the colours chosen. To set your intentions, carve your desires or wishes into the candle using a pin or toothpick. As the candle burns, it releases these intentions into the universe.

Remember, while these rituals provide guidance, your personal connection to the candle's colour and your intention is what truly matters. Explore these practises and discover the transformative power of candle colour meanings and rituals. The element of fire awaits to bring your intentions to life!

So, whether it's a full moon ritual, a quiet meditation, or just a relaxed evening, let the candles combine their power with your intentions. And remember, no matter the occasion or the ritual, it's all about what resonates with you.

Enhancing Wellbeing: The Colourful Way

colourful candles


Candle colour meanings aren't just about rituals and symbolism. It's about mindfulness and wellbeing. When you light a candle, you don't just engage your sense of sight. 

You create a moment of pause, a break from the hustle, a chance to simply be. Each colour brings about a different energy, shifting your mood subtly but surely.

  • Struggling with bad habits? 

Light a grey or taupe candle and visualise breaking free. 

  • Seeking clarity or insight? 

A purple candle can help enhance your psychic powers. 

  • Need a dose of positivity? 

The bright yellow candle is just what you need.

Candle colour meanings are a journey, an exploration into your psyche; a dance with the energies around you. 

Each colour is a conversation, a whisper, a promise. And remember, it's not just about understanding the meanings—it's about letting your intuition guide you. After all, when it comes to candles and their meaning, you're the real magician. You caan create a little candle magic!

So, what colour will your next candle be?

Shape, Colour, and the Candle's Burn Rate

You might wonder if a candle's shape or colour affects how fast it burns. Interestingly, it's not the colour or shape, but the wax's quality and the wick's thickness that primarily influence the burn rate.

While it may seem logical to assume that a darker candle, like a black or navy blue candle, might burn faster due to the colour's heat absorption property. In practise, this isn't the case. The colouring used in candles is usually in such small amounts that it doesn't significantly affect the burn rate.

The Colour of Wax and Temperature

Similarly, the colour of the candle wax doesn't determine its temperature. Instead, it's the type of wax—be it paraffin, soy, or beeswax—and the size and intensity of the flame that impact the wax's temperature as it melts.

The candle colour meanings extend beyond their burn rate or temperature. They're about the energy they bring, the ambiance they create, and the peace they foster.

A Final Flicker Before We Part Ways

So, you've journeyed through a kaleidoscope of colours, each bearing their unique tales and potent powers. You might be feeling a wee bit overwhelmed, thinking, "Blimey, who knew a simple candle held such meaning?" It's perfectly normal. In fact, it's quite marvellous, isn't it?

We've discovered a whole new world inside those softly glowing lights. A universe where flickering flames become silent words. Where colours translate into emotions, and where the simplest act of lighting a candle can transport us to a realm of calm, peace, and inner power.

Now, you've got the power to infuse your life with positivity, to combat the blues, and to attract good fortune—just by picking the right coloured candles. Those cosy winter evenings, or a bubble bath after a long day, or a quiet meditative session, can now hold deeper meanings, and help manifest your deepest desires.

Your living room, your sanctuary, is now a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the glowing hues of your choosing. A taupe for grounding, a burst of yellow for sparking creativity, or a serene blue for tranquillity—there's a shade for every mood and a flicker for every prayer.

So next time you light a candle, remember, you're not just casting shadows on the wall; you're conjuring magic. You're embracing centuries of wisdom. You're speaking a language as old as time, and you're opening the door to a realm of healing, abundance, and spiritual enlightenment.

Shearer Candles will bring light into your lives. Our candles continue to be beacons of hope, warmth, and inspiration. Here's to the countless moments yet to be illuminated, to the stories waiting to be told by the flickering light, and to you, for making the world a brighter, more beautiful place—one candle at a time.

Please visit our various coloured candles today.

Discover Your Ideal Candle Colour for Today's Mood

Answer these questions and we'll recommend the perfect candle colour to boost your wellbeing today!

Question 1:

How are you feeling right now?

  1. a) Full of energy, ready to conquer the world.
  2. b) Calm, relaxed and looking for some introspection.
  3. c) A little down, could use some cheering up.
  4. d) Passionate, feeling love in the air.

Question 2:

What's your goal for today?

  1. a) To complete my tasks, stay focused, and be productive.
  2. b) To find inner peace and clarity.
  3. c) To uplift my mood and foster positivity.
  4. d) To express love or build strong relationships.

Question 3:

Which of the following environments do you prefer?

  1. a) A bustling café or busy office.
  2. b) A quiet library or peaceful garden.
  3. c) A cosy, cheerful and bright room.
  4. d) A romantic dinner setting with a loved one.

Question 4:

Which natural element do you feel most connected with?

  1. a) Fire: intense, energetic and transformational.
  2. b) Earth: calm, grounded and stable.
  3. c) Air: light, communicative and cheerful.
  4. d) Water: emotional, intuitive and loving.


A: Choose a Red Candle - Red resonates with power, ambition, and determination. Perfect for those energy-filled days when you're ready to conquer your to-do list!

B: Your colour is Green - Green promotes healing, growth, and tranquillity. Light a green candle when seeking clarity or needing some peaceful moments.

C: Go for a Yellow Candle - Yellow is associated with happiness, joy, and intellectual energy. This bright, cheerful colour can certainly help lift your spirits!

D: Pick a Pink Candle - Pink is all about affection, love and compassion. Ideal for cultivating a romantic or warm, loving atmosphere.

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