Burn a Candle for Mr Burns


What could be more poetic than burning a candle for a poet named Burns?! The anniversary of Mr Robert Burns, or Rabbie as he is often known, is on Friday the 25th of January. Burns Night is celebrated throughout the world every year with an incredible flow of Scottish communion, dishes and culture. Many Scots gather together to celebrate by having a dram, catching a haggis or simply enjoying the blast of culture and atmosphere around them. Robert Burns is seen as the national poet and lyricist of Scotland with works such as "The Highland Lassie O", "Address to a Haggis" and, perhaps the most famous "Auld Lang Syne". Burns is recognised as being one of the most romantic writers of all time and we celebrate this with our two special edition Burns Highland Collection candles; Ae Fond Kiss and Red, Red Rose, named after two of his most beautiful love songs.

While we prepare for our Burns Supper and the Address to a Haggis is taking place, the atmosphere is set by lighting Ae Fond Kiss in its unique holder, The Quaich Cup of Friendship. The subtle mingling of sweet sticky honey and delicate fresh white heather produce a distinctly Scottish aroma while the more powerful scent of the dew drenched Red, Red Rose candle swirls though the air when lit. The Red, Red Rose Pillar candle is available in various shapes and sizes with the Robbie Burns Chalice being the most appropriate for the occasion. The chalice is inscribed in gold with a verse from one of Rabbie Burns’ poems, My Love is like a Red‚ Red Rose. Whilst we only celebrate Burns once a year we should celebrate love and great song writing every chance we get.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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