Britain's Favourite Scents Revealed!



Today Shearer Candles reveal that the United Kingdom’s favourite scent in 2012 is Amber Rose. Which begs the question, just what does Amber Rose smell like? Words from our Product Development team: "Amber Rose is a really lovely scent made from Tuberose and Violet, quite floral but in a very modern way. Customers have described it as being very similar to the Thierry Mugler perfume Angel which perhaps partly explains its popularity. We’ve a similar scent called Amber Noir which is another bestseller, it’s slightly stronger than Amber Rose but is a smoother, darker fragrance.” The second bestseller is the much more traditional Orange and Cinnamon. The PD team mention,


“Orange and Cinnamon has always been popular and has been one of our best sellers for years. It’s very much a winter scent but surprisingly it remains popular all year round.” Indeed a number of the top ten could be described as ‘winter scents’ they include Winter Fig, Hollyberry and Clove and of course that Christmas favourite Frankincense and Myrrh. Seasonality is a big factor, most candles are used in the house or garden so the seasons play a big part on what scent people choose. One of our most popular is Vanilla and Coconut, as you might expect it has a really tropical aroma, if you close your eyes you are transported to a sun-drenched paradise island. Needless to say it is very popular, particularly in the summer. Some of our other scents are popular all year round. We introduced a new scent called Egyptian Cotton which was created after a trip abroad by our Creative Director, it’s a blend of Rose, Jasmine, Carnations and Clove and was immediately a bit hit, it’s light and floral but the clove gives it warmth too. So drum roll....

The top ten scents for 2012 are as follows –

1. Amber & Rose

2. Orange and Cinnamon

3. Amber Noir

4. Frankincense and Myrrh

5. Vanilla & Coconut

6. Egyptian Cotton

7. Hollyberry & Clove

8. Winter Fig

9. Persian Lime

10. Lavender & Neroli

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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