A Reminder of Summer



Now that summer is almost over it is time to start planning for the autumn! The shops are starting to bring in their new seasonal lines and putting their summer pieces on sale (good for those who are taking their holiday at the end of August), the skies are gathering clouds and it’s now hot coffees advertised instead of our iced lattes! But we don’t want to forget about summer that quickly! How can we take a reminder of our summer with us into the next season? Here are a few options… plaster our houses with photos, laugh at holiday videos 24/7 and keep the smells of summer alive in our homes. Here’s a thought; buy a glass hurricane jar, put some sand in the bottom that you collected while on holiday and add a pillar candle. This doubles as a quirky ornament as well as a holder for any beautiful-smelling, flickering candles. So I have the sand, now I need a glass jar and to choose a candle. Shearer Candles has three beautiful glass hurricane jars to choose from depending on the impact you want to make. Our traditional Holyrood Storm Glass comes in at £20, our Silver Metal and Glass Lantern is £15.50 and our more modern but very stylish Hurricane Lamp is only £15. At Shearer Candles there is quite a variety of pillar candles. There are scents available such as Orange and Cinnamon, Mango and Starfruit, Ae Fond Kiss and Amber & Rose. There are also basic unscented pillar candles in varying sizes as well as natural wax candles. With so much to choose from I have narrowed my choice down to just a few. My first option is the Vanilla and Coconut Scented Pillar. This one has not only a delicious, creamy and nutty scent but also lovely black and white patterned packaging. The only issue is that I might eat it because it smells too good! My second option is the Watermelon Scented Pillar Candle. This one has a lovely pink and white packaging exterior which I think would work well with the colour of the sand as there are wee hints of pink. The scent is sweet, juicy and tropical just like the watermelon I tried when I was on holiday. The Persian Lime Pillar Candle is my third option. I love nothing better than the taste of citrus and I think a lot of people tend to buy candles that smell like their favourite flavours. This candle will cover all bases for me as the lime smell is zingy, fruity and refreshing and still looks great with its white and lime green patterned packaging. After thinking about these three candles I decided I should add one into the mix that won’t just make me want to have a nibble of it straight away! So as my final option I have picked thebasic white unscented Pillar. This one comes in three different sizes, which would allow me to be less precise when getting the glass jar. The candle is sure to suit most people’s interiors and would again work well with the golden sand. It even comes in ivory if white is too stark. So the question is…do I have enough sand for all four?

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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