The Perfect Christmas Day



What’s your perfect Christmas day? Ours would be drawing back the curtains to reveal a fresh blanket of snow. We’d then pad down to the living room and snatch a quick look at the presents under the tree, the room in darkness apart from the glow of fairy lights.

We’d go back to bed with a mug of Christmas coffee (with cream instead of milk, it is Christmas after all!), light a festive Cranberry & Ginger Candle and pop on the radio, lounging under the covers for a few cosy moments while the rest of the house wakes up.

Then the Christmas chaos ensues. Mountains of crumpled wrapping paper, endless food, giddy children, bubbles and hopefully some new pyjamas, and Christmas Candles from Santa *hint hint*.

There’s no one perfect Christmas day. Perhaps yours involves laying on a beach slurping cocktails, or not moving from the sofa. Maybe you have no time for cranberry sauce, or can’t stand Chocolate Orange. The sheer joy of new Christmas socks might mean nothing to you.

If this is the case then you probably won’t identify with any of our eternal Christmas truths below.

Waking up. You’ll either be woken by excited kids, a mild hangover from Christmas Eve drinks with old friends, or the startling feeling that you have, ‘just a few more presents to wrap.’

Breakfast. Despite knowing that you’re going to eat more today that you have in some weekends, you’ll treat yourself to a Christmas breakfast that big ol’ Santa would be proud of. Bacon, or smoked salmon if you’re feeling fancy, eggs, lots of carbs. Upon taking the last mouthful you’ll be concerned that you need to eat yourself silly in T minus 3 hours.

Presents. Who knew that socks and pyjamas could be so exciting? Wait a minute is that a chocolate orange? Slam it off the table and open it now. So what if you just ate breakfast. It’s Christmas after all!

Television. Throughout all of the above the TV will turned on with the sound down. Father Christmas and The Snowman will feature heavily *sobs.* A scrooge somewhere in the house will want to turn on the news.

Canapes. Despite feasting on a breakfast fit for a king and obligatory festive morning chocolate, you will eat lots of canapes and keep going back for more. The turkey might be out of the oven but you’ll still be shoving tuna voulevents in your mouth until you sit down at the table.

Christmas dinner. Someone, possibly you, will have lovingly slaved over this beautiful meal for hours and certainly have been thinking about it for weeks. It will be demolished in under 30 sweet, delicious, meaty minutes.

Post dinner. You’ll lie back, light up a candle, pat your belly and dream of slipping into sweatpants. Lovely, loose fitting sweatpants. Games will be played or TV watched and then someone suggests that it’s time to break open the chocolates. Hurrah!

Have a happy Christmas Candle lovers!

Hollyberry &  Clove Candles

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