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Its not very often that you can write with authority and confidence about sustainable fuels. It’s the buzzword that seems to be circling the sound waves as we hear the rhetoric and discourse over fuel supplies and contractual disputes. This issue seems to be at the forefront of minds after the “panic buying” of fuel that swept the country last week. But, as history will tell us it is in times of mass hysteria and demand that the level headed will flourish. This was the case back in 1991 when natural and organic products leapt into the market and demand for such products rose significantly. It was this that inspired a chandler by the name of Michael Richards to look for an alternative to expensive beeswax natural candles. As demand increased for natural waxes he developed an alternative by combining soy oil with coconut and palm oil into a mix of vegetable wax and the Soy candle was born. This revolutionised the candle industry and brought the Soy wax candle into the public domain. We at Shearer Candles love Soy wax. Its long burn time and wonderful scents make it a great alternative to Beeswax if you are looking for a natural candle. All our Soy wax candles are hand finished, as they always have been, at our Glasgow HQ. After being developed as an alternative to paraffin wax, Soy candles became synonymous with healthy and ethical living. Our soy wax collection is made with ingredients using reusable sources like recycled glass, environmentally friendly paper packaging and with all our candles, wax is biodegradable so should you end up not burning it all you can rest safe in the knowledge that its remnants won’t harm the environment. If you are new to soy candles and looking for some great introduction candles - here is the run down on some of our latest items.

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We start with the Orange and Geranium scented soy candle. The combinations of beautifully summery oranges with rose geranium make this candle a summer soy essential, and it comes in its own jar and stunning presentation box. This soy candle has a slightly longer burn time due to the soy wax so is a great investment. Secondly we have the Shearer natural wax sandalwood spice candle. This candle is hand poured here at Shearer HQ, and irradiates a stunning sandalwood scent with hints of patchouli and ceder. This is great as a gift as it has a long burn time and is 100% natural. Finally we have the lavender and lime soy candle jar. This hand poured scented candle will help you relax with the aromatheraputic properties of lavender and can help transport you to a place of tranquillity. Available in a recycled glass jar online now. Get your soy candles online now at

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