Shearer Candles Reduce Delivery Costs



It’s one of modern life’s great frustrations, you’re booking a flight online to somewhere nice and you think you’ve got a bargain only to find you’re still to be charged for baggage, airport taxes, boarding and using a credit card. Somehow the bargain doesn’t feel so great anymore. We’ve shared that frustration and that’s why we’ve revisited and changed our delivery charges. Like pretty much everyone else online we use specialist delivery companies, logistical experts with the infrastructure and manpower to ship efficiently, safely and regularly all across the country. Candles are delicate and easily broken if not packed and handled properly, so for us delivery is very important. Whether we use Royal Mail or a private company this comes at a cost. What we have done is renegotiated our delivery charges and managed to introduce some significant savings. We’ve managed to reduce the cost of standard delivery in the UK to only £4 and for all orders over £40 delivery will be free! This is the first of a number of innovations we’ll be introducing this year, including some wonderful new candle scents and designs and a new website.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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