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Welcome to the final part of our Shearer Wedding Blog. Part one was intended for anyone planning a wedding and focused on fabulous finishing touches for the perfect day, while this instalment is aimed at anyone attending a wedding as a guest – offering advice on whether it's really OK to wear white, how much free fizz is too much and suggestions on beautiful gifts for the happy couple that will leave you with enough money to buy a sparkly new dress for the occasion. Here at Shearer there's nothing that we enjoy more than a day filled with love, our favourite people and a seemingly endless supply of bubbles. We've been lucky enough to attend lots of weddings over the years and feel it's only right that we impart some of our wedding wisdom to you, dear candle lovers. Don't wear white, or cream or anything that looks like something a bride would wear. We've all been there, late night online shopping for the perfect new dress and stumbled upon the dress of our dreams. But wait, they only have it in white. Listen to your instincts, if you have to text your friends asking if they think it's OK to wear it, then it probably isn't. Go easy on the fizz. One of our favourites parts of any wedding is when the pictures are getting taken and the Prosecco flows like champagne. Have a couple of glasses to get the party started but remember it's still the afternoon. Be sure to go easy on the wine at the table, alternate your drinks with water, it's going to be a long day and you don't want to be that crazy lady crumbing to her knees during Dancing Queen. Be nice about the food. In our experience there’s two types of food at weddings. Dry food and amazing food. If it’s the former then, unlucky, just eat as much as you can. Don’t dare utter a word of complaint at the table, the distant relatives have ears. Take flat shoes in your bag. Put them on after the food, nobody will notice by this point ( they probably haven't taken heed of our suggestions on alcohol intake) and you’ll be able to dance free from pain for hours. Give a thoughtful gift. Unless they have a wedding list, or have specifically asked for money, we like to adhere to tradition and give a gift for the home as it can be enjoyed by both partners and seems fitting considering that they're entering a new stage in their lives together. We have a wonderful selection of candles and candle accessories that vary in price and can be tailored according to the couples tastes, whether it's fun and funky, shabby chic or sleek and sophisticated.

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• A Tall Pillar Jar Candle in a beautiful jewel colour is a fantastic way to make an impact with your gift and we love them in complimenting hues such as Tropical Watermelon and Persian Lime for brightening up a space with fun Club Tropicana vibes.

• If you would like to give something a little more refined then keep it classic with a Large Glass Hurricane Lantern or a Glow Globe Wax Lantern. Both would go with most interior styles and are guaranteed to draw appreciative gasps upon opening.

• If your budget is a little smaller then go for one of our best sellers such as the Amber Noir Jar candle.This looks way more expensive than it actually is and we've never met anyone who doesn't adore it's distinctive sensual scent and decadent packaging.

• If the wedding is a traditional Scottish wedding or the couple likes a good whisky, then our Uisge Beatha Whisky Goblet comes in a beautiful tartan gift box and makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a good malt thanks to it's unique smoky and sweet scent. Have a fabulous time. In this sometimes confusing world, weddings are a day to cut loose and be joyous. The celebration of two beautiful souls who have found love is something to be really happy about and they obviously like you enough to invite you to their wedding so you can't be that bad either. Have fun candle lovers! Save Save Save Save

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