Nothing Frightening This Halloween


It’s that time of year again, when children beg their parents to make them scary costumes (and the parents buy them online), children go round the houses in their neighbourhoods trick-or-treating for sweets, cakes and money and Halloween parties are planned for groups of all ages. A childhood party has cakes, games and decorations everywhere like fake cobwebs, carved pumpkins and delightful food such as monster jelly and ghost cakes! An adult party is almost exactly the same but with monster cocktails instead. Everyone makes an effort to get a costume, some are home-made and some are shop-bought. The best dressed usually wins a prize. The main thing for themed parties however is the atmosphere. For Halloween parties spooky and scary needs to be obvious. This is where the decorations and other sensory items come in. Fake cobwebs, witches hats, broomsticks, pumpkins and more are a few common items. There are generally no lights on apart from candles dotted throughout the room. Candles are put inside carved pumpkins so that the flickering flame causes the pumpkin’s features to leap around the room.

Shearer Candles offer of the month for October is 25% off selected Halloween Candles. We have 8 to choose from with 4 different types of candle and 2 different scents. The scents available are Amber Noir and Orange and Cinnamon. The Amber Noir candle has a unique dark essence with a combination of tuberose, violets and amber. The tuberose is a rich flower whose wonderful bouquet is used in perfumes as it is such a unique and intriguing scent. This is combined with the flowering violet and smooth amber, the fragrance is both sensual and mysterious. Our other fragrance is Orange and Cinnamon. This scent is perfect for the darker, colder evenings. Wafts of spicy cinnamon and zesty orange fill any room, it’s a veritable potpourri of bold autumnal aromas.

We have 4 different types of candle for each scent. Our first one is the Patterned Scented Votive. For the Amber Noir, this is black with an attractive gold design, the Orange and Cinnamon has a subtle orange pattern and it’s very Halloween. Our Hurricane Lamps are bold and striking, solid black for the Amber Noir and a deep orange for the Orange and Cinnamon. Then we’ve scented jars and scented tins. Both are very popular, coming with lids they are portable and easily stored, both also look nearly as good as they smell. Halloween isn’t just about creating a special atmosphere and beautiful room setting for the young and old alike, it’s about giving someone a fright as well. We’re really sorry because we can’t help you on that final point, with 25% off all of the above candles, for this month only, we’ll only be able to put a smile on your face!

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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