Natural Wax Candles – Soy and Palm

The wax used in candles has come from a variety of different sources over the centuries. We’re no different and we search the world to find new sources of sustainable safe and attractive wax.

Our natural wax candles range uses a blend of wax derived from Soy and Palm oil. The combination of soy and palm wax is 100% natural. Shearer Candles are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPOfocus on ensuring that palm oil used is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The overall production of it includes more than 4 million people. Ca’da Mosto, a 15th century explorer, first discovered palm oil and described is as “the scent of violets, the taste of olive oil and a colour which tinges food like saffron but is more attractive”.

It really is a lovely wax. It is a vegetable oil, which is produced from Palm trees in tropical countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also the world’s most produced oil closely followed by soy. You can see the full range of Natural Wax Candles here.

SandalwoodSpice Rosemary&Mint Orange&Geranium Lavender&Lime

We have four fragrances available at the moment. All of which come in the following options; a jar, a pillar or in a gift box at £12, £10 and £20. They all burn for approximately 50 hours. One of our favourite fragrances is the Rosemary and Mint candle.

A blend of mixed garden herbs brings this candle’s scent alive wherever you burn it. It has a fresh, herby aura surrounding it and is perfect for placing in any room that needs freshened up.

We also have Lavender and Lime. Soothing, sleepy lavender infused with a shout of lime gives this candle a completely new scent. The combination is almost unusual with contrasting fragrances but actually they work very well together.

The Orange and Geranium scent is a luxurious smelling candle sporting a mixture of powerful rose geraniums and supple oranges bursting with juice. Mixed together the fragrance is summery. Sandalwood Spiceis our fourth scent.

A warm, smooth blend of distinctive Indian sandalwood spice and a hint of patchouli and cedar develop this candle into a spiced, earthy and altogether homely candle. Sandalwood is exotic and aromatic and has been a popular scent for centuries.

If you are looking for new candles for a gift or for yourself, these natural wax candles are great. You can buy delicious smelling candles and reassure yourself at the same time knowing that you are, in turn, supporting the use of sustainable palm oil.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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