How long should a scented candle keep its scent?

Shearer Candles FAQ Blog Q: How long should a scented candle keep its scent? A: There is no definitive answer to that. Every candle is unique, some scents are stronger than others, the size of candle makes a difference and how and where they are stored also makes a difference too. It is worth pointing out that our candles are scented all the way through. So although the outside of a candle may start to lose some of its scent through time the scent closer to the wick will still have scent that will be released as the candle burns down. So although we can’t give a firm answer we can say that in most cases they will last for a period of time measured in years. Jar candles and tin candles will retain their scents for longer than a pillar candle simply because most of the candle is enclosed.

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