Hollyberry and Clove Scented Candles


Already we are in October, in the mixed up season somewhere between Autumn and Winter. The leaves are falling, layering the pavements with a mottled green, brown, orange and red pattern while the trees are swaying in the wind. There is a chill creeping into the air and every so often the sky decides we all need a sprinkling of rain to move us along. We are seeing the change in daylight also. The clocks go forward an hour at the end of October but already we can see the early darkening of the sky and the slow of the sun’s appearance in the mornings. The days are getting shorter very quickly. Waking up in the morning when it is not light yet and leaving work when it is dark again, we only see the day when we look out of our window in work. Once having made it home after a long day at work we either have to put our main lights on or use the more mellow lights from lamps and candles. Personally, I don’t like having the main light on. Especially in the living room and bedrooms. What you need are a couple of beautifully scented candles dotted around each room. Some larger ones such as pillar candles and multi wick candles to give of the required light and other smaller candles such as patterned votive holders and tealights to give the soft warm glow helping us to snuggle into utmost comfort. The scent of the candles is also very important. You want a fragrance that isn’t too sharp or strong but a candle that swirls smooth relaxing aromas around the room.

One candle scent that we feel portrays just that is our Hollyberry and Clove scented candles. With bright red berries from Christmassy holly bushes infused with various sprinkled spices, this is festivity living in wax. The spices used are rich cloves and sweet aromatic cinnamon. The candle wax itself is a warm red in colour and comes in a range of various candles holders and tins. Some of the options are a transparent red hurricane-shaped glass jar candle, a scented tin with lid, a patterned votive candle jar, a scented pillar or a gold glass jar. This fragrance also comes as a selection of small tealights which can be dotted throughout a room and as a reed diffuser that will swirl the spiced fruity aroma continually. Have you tried this one before? Let us know your thoughts!

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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