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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful and argument inducing activities a couple can undertake. It was rightly described to me recently by a friend as “Perfect practice”, because “as they are your perfect partner, the next decision you make together this big is buying a house” So to you who have staring rosy eyed and blankly down the barrel of marriage, be prepared, the planning of a wedding can make or break a couple. Planning a wedding can be more to do with politics rather than planning. Absorbing the whims and needs of your family to ensure that “Your old auntie so and so sits next to her friends” and to make sure the famously drunk and dipsomaniac uncle is sitting at least 4 people away from your conservative cousins. And this is after you have agreed on the date, venue, time, theme, style, guest list, budget, personnel and above all rings! The little things add up and before you know it you are swamped in a melee of lists, brochures and samples.

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Although the day itself will be wonderful and one that will forever by treasured in your memory, the events leading up to it can be as grey hair inducing as juggling multiple kids on a busy airplane. So, to take away a small percentage of the stress of planning a wedding, let Shearer Candles supply you with table and statement candles, so you can tick that off your to do list without raising a finger. We have a stunning range of pieces available to cover all aspects of your wedding. From favours, to church candles and finally statement pieces.

ChurchDecoration Favours

Starting with favours, this can be difficult and a potential etiquette stumbling block. Get it right and you’ll have a wedding load of happy guests. Get it wrong and you’ll be left with boxes upon boxes of leftover tat. So we recommend a beautiful candle as a favour. We all know how dynamic a gift a candle can be and we have perfectly sized and styled candles for placing on your guest’s dinner place. Consider matching the styles of your tables with the colours of the candle to give your tables that extra air of style and touch of class. Have a look at our range here to get your ideas flowing! Secondly, let us take care of the most important element of the day, the wedding service itself. Creating an atmosphere in an already special place can be difficult. We understand this and feel that an addition to a beautiful setting should emphasise and accentuate the surroundings, so our sturdy Church and long and elegant dining candles ranges are stylish and sophisticated, whilst being minimal enough to illuminate but not impose. Match with our timeless silver mirrored candlestick and you will achieve a look that radiates sophistication and style to your guests.

Church WeddingDinning

Finally we have our centre pieces. These are designed to be a conversation starter amongst guests, as well as being function enough to serve a purpose on the table. Consider our clear hurricane lamp or holyrood lamp glass as the perfect centrepiece for your guests table. If this is not to your taste consider our range of mirrored scented candles.


Wedding planning by its very nature is a long process. It takes time to manoeuvre all the different elements into place to achieve that dream day. Our advice, keep everything simple, your bills to a minimum and above all, enjoy the day! Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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