St Patrick's Day


It’s the one we have all been waiting for. The mother of all parties is upon us once again. The yearly celebration of St Patrick is upon us this week, and with the usual stockpile of Guinness, shamrocks and all things green, we feel obligated to mark the occasion in the traditional manner, which is being Irish for the day. We delve deep into our heritage to squeeze out any link to the emerald isle and capitalise on it by feigning our best Irish accent. I bet as you are reading this even now, you are subconsciously sounding off in your best Irish tones. Cue cultural references to Terry Wogan, Father Ted and Colin Farrell, amidst a troposphere of beer drinking and folk singing, where the songs are not known by all who sing but yet somehow manages to sound like a sincere lament. St Patrick’s Day has become a busy, drink fuelled commercial entity. Oh how things have changed from its humble origins as a festival of religion to now being synonymous with revelry, celebration and debauchery. Being traditionalists here at Shearer Candles HQ, we prefer to take things a little slower. We like the traditional ways, and often find that the old fashioned way is the best way. We still use the traditional methods of hand pouring candles so we love the antiquated way of life. So, our quandary, how to celebrate St. Patricks day in a manner both traditional and festive for the chandler orientated amongst us? It starts very simply, with Green. During celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day the whole world turns green. From your jacket lapel to the Chicago River, the national colours of the emerald isle are on show to mark the occasion. Start simply with our basic Green Candle. Simple, pure and honest, it’s a great way to mark the occasion without queuing for months at the bar, and saves the inevitable hangover that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day. From Green Candles we more swiftly on to our next choice to celebrate the day. We are all familiar with the Irish fables of finding a pot of gold under a rainbow guarded by a trusty leprechaun, so save yourself the trouble and go for our magnificent silver lantern, perfect as a statement piece on your dining table for when you tuck into your hearty Irish stew. You can remind yourself with glee that you didn’t have to fight off an angry leprechaun to get your hands on this pot of gold! Finally we have the perfect scented candle. If you, like many others, decide to head on out to celebrate the day in the Plastic Paddy way, make sure you have a soothing scented candle to “assist” you in your recovery the following morning. The Egyptian cotton scented candles are ideal for this, with their soothing scents and low light flame. This year in particular it is important to remember that the morning after St. Patrick’s Day is mother’s day, so please remember to take it easy and enjoy your Irish roots responsibly!

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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