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Pampering, me time, quiet time. We all have different ways of saying it, but ultimately we all know and love the rare occasions when we can shut ourselves away from the world and bask in a universe solely occupied by ourselves and our thoughts. An opportunity to step away from the rush and stress of daily life and cocoon yourself in loveliness, pampering is a must have in any persons weekly list. And what better time to pamper and prune yourself, with summer not quite having appeared yet, holiday planning, kids off school and (especially here at Shearer HQ) rain and wind more accustomed to the start of winter, than the start of Summer. Candles are as vital to the relaxation process as a warm bath and solitude. The low light, flickering atmosphere created by a candle is a crucial element in creating your relaxing sanctuary, and add a sumptuous and decadent scent to the mix and you are one step away from creating your perfect universe. For this, we have the perfect set of candles. Our luxurious and ever popular Spa range.

In this range we have 4 beautifully hand poured candles, ideal for such an occasion.
First off we have the Frangipani Cosmetic Spa Candle, infusing the delicate flavours of the Frangipani petals these flavours are reminisant of an exotic getaway. Secondly we have the Ginger Lilly.These two scents combine beautifully to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in any room. Thirdly, we have our popular Coconut candle, aromas of coconut, and tropical flavours whisk you away to a serene wonderland of relaxation. Finally we have the Watermelon scented candle. Just what you need to transport you to a tropical paradise in your relaxation room.
All of our candles are available to buy online. So to you dear readers we encourage you to take time, spoil yourself and indulge in a little bit of healthy selfishness tonight. Light a spa candle and take an hour to yourself, you will be better for it!
Kind Regards
Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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