Shearer Candles Chistmas Offer


Here at Shearer Candles we’ve just had our first snowfall of the winter, it is really starting to feel like Christmas now. It’s magical how a dusting of snow can make the most unlikely places look like a Christmas card scene. At the same time snow and ice, of which we’ve also seen plenty already, do make getting out and about treacherous and slow, Santa might be able to glide through the sky but the rest of us have to use the roads, rails and pavements.

With this in mind we’ve a special offer this month, it’ll mean one less journey outside and it’ll make your home much nicer when you return. So for one month only we’re offering you a huge 25% off a great selection of Christmas candles and candle holders. This includes some wonderful Christmas colours, scents and festive features including candle holders such as the Snowflake Glass Jar, the Ceramic StarTealight Holder and the Square Glass Glitter Plate in either Gold or Red. The candles include the always popular Glitter Tealights in Gold and Red and longMetallic Taper Candles in Gold or Burgundy. Our Glitter Plates and Glitter Tealights provide a festive sparkle while all the festive colours brighten up any room. Maybe with the money you save on our festive offer you can afford a taxi the next time you need to venture out! Happy Christmas.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Shearer Candles Marketing Executive

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