Mother’s Day - Sunday 18th of March


It’s pretty difficult to ignore, what with the daffodils, teddy bears and flowers littering the supermarkets. All the usual iconography synonymous with Mother’s Day is out in force and the day we must never forget is upon us once again. As I write this I hear the penny dropping with my colleagues who are now rushing out the door to buy flowers and cards and to book a table for Sunday lunch. So by posting this up a couple of weeks before the big day, we have given you fair warning! And we at Shearer Candles love Mother’s Day. Being a family business these days are really important to us. We see Mother’s Day as one of those rare days when mums can be pampered and adored and spoiled rotten. We are given a chance to recognise all the roles our mums are to us, be it a last minute babysitter, advice giver, best friend or an authority on all things family, our mums are our pillars and on the 18th of this month, it’s our chance to show them just how special they are to us. 'We are giving our blog followers, fans and customers a £5 online voucher to spend on Mother's Day Candles. Click here to download your voucher code.'

Candles are ideal for this purpose. They create a serene atmosphere and coupled with a scent such as Lavender and Neroli you can give your mum a serenity that she deserves. One whiff of these beautiful scents and she will be carried away to a Lavender soaked bliss. If this is not to her taste then pamper her with one of our delicious spa candles. Try the tropical coconut burning gently next to a warm bath and a new book. Mothers love to feel special and spoiled and this wonderful candle will help in creating that atmosphere. Finally, spoil your mum with a delicious home cooked meal. After all the hours and hours of cooking she has done for us it seems only fair to give her a night off and try your hand at something special. Complete the setting with an elegant dinner candle, hand poured from Shearer Candles. It is redundant to list all the things that mums do for us. We would run out of time and space, and to be honest every mum is different in her own wonderful way. It is also very hollow to simply say “I love you Mum” as has been spoiled by the overpaid therapists using it to mark the end of their latest counselling session. Mother’s Day gives us the unique opportunity to simply say whatepitomises everything a mother is, a mother does and a mother stands for. Simply, Thank you Mum, for being my Mum.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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