Happy Halloween!


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Last year we failed at Halloween. At 7pm we could hear some excited little ghouls pounding at the door but with no sweets in the house we had to wait it out, hunched behind the sofa like a wicked witch out of sight. Not one horror movie was watched, monkey nut scoffed, pumpkin carved or witches finger worn. Well we refuse to let the Halloween magic of old slip away, that wonderful mix of terror and excitement, allowing us to unleash our imaginations and act like big kids. This year we’re going to embrace the spooky holiday all month long, think plastic rats hidden in dark corners, all the Saw films, fake spider webs dangling from the walls, a glowing pumpkin in every window, vampire fangs at work and a massive stash of sweets - there may even be a party. If, like us, you’re planning to indulge your inner child or actual children this Halloween then we’ve got some scarily good tips on how to create your very own house of horrors. Candles are a brilliant way to add some eerie atmosphere to a room, whether it’s for a Halloween party or a night curled up watching classic horror films from behind your fingers. Turn off the lights and burn some orange and black candles, or keep it classic with white. Try our Orange Pomader Pillar Candles and Amber Noir tealight candles or church candles for a ghostly sense of occasion. The vibe we’re going for here is haunted house, the lights have been cut and there’s no one to hear your screams, mwah ha ha… Glass jar lights are another effective use of candles and with a bit of DIY attitude, you can add your own spooky theme. Simply wash out some used jars and then get creative using paint, tissue paper and permanent markers, insert a tealight and then enjoy a haunting glow. We recommend using an orange or green paint and then popping on a witch or pumpkin pattern using tissue paper or marker pen on the outside of the jar. Lampshade silhouettes are another cheap way to adjust your lighting and add to the Halloween vibe. Cut out some paper bats on white paper and pop them on your lampshades. Sticking with the bat theme you can also use black card to cut out a family of bats to hang around the house. Pumpkins are a Halloween essential. If you’re pushed for time or aren’t the most artistic of types then there are loads of free templates available online. Just print them out and pop them on your pumpkin and carve by following the lines. Be careful though, fake blood is fine at Halloween, actually it’s encouraged however we don’t want any of the real stuff! If you really want to take the gore factor up a notch then mix some PVA glue with red food colouring for bloody hand prints. If you have a glass front door then get printing with your paws as this is perfect for welcoming terrified guests and also works well on windows and mirrors. Don’t worry they’ll wash off once the party is over. Welcome your friends and family with a warming glass of Dracula’s blood punch, a spiced drink containing cherry juice, cloves, orange peel, ginger a little chilli and some sweetie fangs for garnish and then let the Halloween fun begin! Halloween Playlist: Specials – Ghost Town Thriller – Michael Jackson AC/DC – Highway to Hell Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper Warren Zevon – Warewolves of London Ray Parker, Jr – Ghostbusters Happy Halloween candle lovers!

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