Amber Noir Turns 15 Years Old

Amber Noir, our flagship fragrance, turns 15 years old this month! The popular fragrance range, easily identifiable in its black and gold packaging, has been a firm favourite with our customers since it first launched in 2004. Whilst the product has enjoyed several iterations of packaging (and even its name) over 15 years, the combination of black wax and fragrance blend remains the same formula.

Amber Noir celebrates its 15th anniversary in November

The Amber Noir fragrance combines notes of tuberose, violets and amber; it's dark and mysterious and will provoke the senses. Part of our Couture Collection, Amber Noir joins 14 other fragrances, each available in 9 different scented products. What sets the Couture Collection apart is its use of coloured wax, with Amber Noir famously presented in black wax.

Amber Noir has been a great success story for us over the past 15 years, perhaps because it’s so different. New customers are often surprised to see black wax; it’s particularly difficult to produce a scented candle in black wax that burns correctly, so you don’t see a product like this very often.

Whilst fragrance trends have changed and developed dramatically over 15 years, our flagship fragrance is more popular now than ever.

We will be celebrating Amber Noir’s milestone throughout November, or “Noir Month” as we're calling it! Alongside a range of month-long promotions, we will be hosting Christmas shopping events in our Glasgow stores over the Black Friday weekend.

Discover some amazing discounts and even pour your own Amber Noir candle to take home. Plus you will have the chance to win a luxury hamper by entering a prize draw; keep an eye on our social channels for more information.

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