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Was £12 Now £6 - Enter Promo Code OTM5C Online! Now that we are in September we’ve a new offer of the month, and it’s a cracker; a whopping 50% off all of our gorgeous smelling, glamorous Silver Mirror Jar Candles. We have a variety of scents available from soft Egyptian Cotton to zingy Persian Lime. Not only are these candles deliciously scented, they also have a stunning silver mirrored interior and exterior. These are ideal at this time of year as the summer sun is showing its face less and less. These candles are just what we need to brighten up our days, flickering away in the background they relax us while we lounge around, they freshen up the room while we tidy up and most importantly make everything smell fantastic. The Egyptian Cotton mirrored candle has a smooth, light, floral fragrance with a combination of rose notes, hints of jasmine followed by a breeze of carnations, all warmed by a sprinkling of powdered clove. This crisp white wax candle will freshen up all your rooms. The Amber and Rose silver mirrored jar candle, once lit, blasts you with the hearty floral scent of violets infused by lush amber notes. The musky violet scent soothes the air around creating a sweet and relaxing atmosphere. Light our Lavender and Neroli candle and feel your surroundings come alive as refreshing spiced citrus blended with a distinctive wild lavender perfume whirls up the air. One of our most refreshing fragrances is the Persian Lime. This powerful citrus blend consists of zingy lime and sharp but sweet, fruity grapefruit. The aromas when lit are lively and invigorating. Another full-bodied, effervescent jar is the sweet juicy Watermelon. This candle and it’s shimmering white wax is tropical and suitably mouth-watering. Another favourite option is a candle with a more laid-back scent, Vanilla and Coconut. This heavenly musky candle has a stunning scent of creamy, baked coconut with intermittent wisps of vanilla pod. Each of these aromatic candles comes in a silver mirrored jar which reflects all of the lights and colours around the room. They work well when situated beside other candles as you can see the flickering flames dancing off the mirrored surface, reflecting throughout your interiors. All of these glamorous candle jars are half price for the whole of September. You can view them all on our website - make your choice quick before they sell out!

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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